I needed new dentures so I decided to try Aspen Dental in upstate NY. Advertised $399 dentures which I was not even offered.

Anyway, I had both upper and lowers made to the tune of almost $1300.00 as I have no insurance. Not only were they poorly made the front teeth didn't even line up with the center of my lips. They were off to the left. Dentist said, "Oh No one will notice." Bullcrap.........I also had terrible noise in my ears.

Went to an allergist as advised.

Nothing wrong. After a few more visits to Aspen which were not helpful I finally saw another dentist and paid another $800.00 for a new upper denture...Within a few days the noise in my ears had subsided..I was very unhappy with their product and would advise anyone seeking new dentures to go somewhere else...They do not take any pride in their product and once it is made you are pretty much stuck with it.

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