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on aug. 8th.

had an apt.for 10:30 called 20 min. later. had impression and told to go to waiting room for 30 min. which becomes 1 hr when asked assistant why so long she said I will check.

she never got back to me. so iwaited. 3patients go in and out while I wait.i told them I was leaving without my denture and they returned it in 5 more min. I am commited now ,but I will not return in the future and nor will my wife.

lack of dentists and back to back patients puts to much pressure on staff and they become unfriendly.i hope to finish my appts.

without any problems and walk away being satisfied. this is a lot of money for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Clean office.

I didn't like: Staff.

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You don't understand A$pen's business model. Advertise in TV, have sucker patients calling by the boatload.

Then overbook them just like airlines overbook flights.

When the young dentists can't handle all the patients, they get way behind, and sometimes cancel patients.

This is what happens when Wall Street *** own dental clinics (illegally in most states) and run them with the sole goal of maximizing profits.

Next time wise up and go to an regular dentist who owns his own practice. Stop believing every lie you hear on TV and radio ads.


Don't worry, all that staff will have quit or ran off in 30 days b/c working there sucks so much.

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