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Update by user Jul 11

Transferred to another office, assigned a dentist dedicated to resolving all of my issues and paying for my gas to go to the new office to finish out my treatment.

Original review posted by user Jul 09

I had full extractions,

I asked for antibiotics before we got started, nope, ok I figured they would at extraction day, nope, had last two extracted next day, and I demanded antibiotics, I told them I was full of infection, and being "professionals," they know I was full of infection. Still nope. A few hours after I was sent home, I spiked over 103 temp and wife rushed me to ER where I was immediate admitted, and put on IV antibiotics 24/7 for a week, I was so sick I dont even remember the first few days.

After a week, I finally broke my fever and my bed was soaked. after 24 hours they let me go home, on oral penicillin. I took that twice a day for another week and a half. All of which could have been avoided.

When I was admitted they took out my immediate dentures, and I was not allowed to wear them, so when I was back on my feet I went in to have them remade, instead she just hacked at them, and cut out big chunks of them, I can't even put them in my mouth anymore.

I paid CASH not check money order or credit card I paid CASH up front for the best of what they offered, I was treated like a dog, and THEY KEPT ALL OF MY MONEY!!! They wont return any of my money, not even for the dentures they havent even made yet, they wont return calls, respond to emails, letters from my lawyer, nothing! I just got put in the hospital and screwed! Do you know how much this has cost me now?

And I still have NO TEETH!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am in need of new dentures. I have been happy with affordable dentures in the past but didn't want to drive that far so was looking into Aspen.

I am finding allot more negative comments than pos ones. Looks like I'll be going to Lincoln.

After all. I hope you have gotten teeth you are happy with.


Having all the teeth ripped out of your head was a grand idea, wasn't it?

to Petrus #1516580

Actually, yes, it was the best thing I ever did for my health other than quitting smoking. I was very sick and feel much better now.

It wasnt for cosmetics.I do not regret doing it.

I regret who I chose to put my trust in.This matter has been settled. We came to an agreement.

to IncomparableDog #1516711

You might regret this decision in 10 years when you lose so much bone you can't wear dentures. Saving two lower canine roots would have made a world of difference in long-term stability of your lower denture. Extracting ALL teeth is almost always a mistake, ESPECIALLY IN THE LOWER ARCH.

to ClydeDDS #1520880

I got dentures 11 yrs ago from(affordable dentures) and have never had to have them relined.they did a wonderful job..they still look and feel as good as they did 11 yrs ago ..no regrets.no bone loss.


Why would you pay cash?????? Everybody knows you do not pay cash and up front!

to Anonymous #1516470

Quite frequently embezzling employees offer patients "deals" for paying cash. It would be interesting to see if the day's office deposit included this poster's payment!

to Dental Advocate #1516586

I show as paid in full.This matter has been resolved we came to an agreement.

to Anonymous #1516583

Nobody will touch you until you pay them. Upfront.

Maybe they do things differently where you are. But every single doctor or dentist here is cash up front.

Card chrck cash it doesnt matter, theres no getting out of it.This issue has been resolved for now. We reached an agreement.

to IncomparableDog #1516713

Virtually no dentists want all the money up front like A$pen demands. Most dentists want payment as treatment progresses, and dentures must be completely paid for by the time they are put in the mouth.

Otherwise patients will claim there is something wrong with them and refuse to pay any remaining balance. Every dentist has learned this sad truth the hard way.


It is no picnic to have all your teeth extracted, as you found out. Which is the reason we try to talk patients out of that drastic step and leave some teeth for a partial.It never works well to take ALL of the front and back teeth out at the same time, and slap a denture in.

No dental textbook teaches this that I have seen. The accepted way to do it is extract the back teeth and do bone contouring FIRST, let it heal for at least 3 months, THEN fabricate dentures to be placed when the last front teeth are extracted.Yikes! I hope an employee did not embezzle the cash, leaving no record of you paying. Stranger things have happened at Aspen Organized Crime Syndicate.The "best" dentures Aspen and other clinics make is not even as good as the worst dentures I made on a bad day when I was a very young dentist right out of schoolYours is one of the saddest stories on this forum.

It is a tragedy when a chain of chop shops puts a patient deep in debt with little to show for it.

Sadly, because your treatment was by a clinic operated by rogue Wall Street investors, your remedies are limited. These shysters get sued all the time and are plenty lawyered-up to deal with any court challenge you lay on their doorstep.

to ClydeDDS #1516588

I cant find anything I disagree with in your comment.Thank you Sir.

to ClydeDDS #1530752


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