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I started to go to aspen dental in grand rapids Michigan for about 3 years. They recommended that I see a periodontist because of the spacing I had in my teeth.

I went to the periodontist for his surgery and spent a significant amount of money for this procedure. Aspen dental does not communicate with the periodontist and every time I go to aspen they send me back to the periodontist and the periodontist sends me back to aspen. I feel like there is no one interested in treating their patients. Reading about their complaints I am very skeptical about getting these partials done by them.

At one time the dentist at aspen misdiagnosis a root canal that had a cavity in it. He perform the root canal several years ago and it develop into a cavity. I believe that the procedure he perform was not up to standard because I never heard of a cavity in a root canal tooth.

When I went to apsen dental for a abscess tooth.

I told him that the tooth is back is causing me a lot of pain. He says to me that there should be no pain because that tooth had a root canal done and that there is no cavity. I went to see the periodontist to try to save the back tooth but he said that the tooth has to be removed because there is definitely a cavity there.

What is it with these professionals who we spend so much money on and effort and they keep ripping us off.

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I cant even begin to explain how dentally speaking your story makes no sense. Everything you wrote is inaccurate, but i guess you know more than a dentist

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