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We were very disappointed with the office on College Ave. in Appleton, WI.

The employees were rude. The dentist made the patient choke trying to get an impression for dentures. On follow up visits, she was insulting and opinionated. Very poor customer service.

We were made to feel unwelcome. Appointments were almost impossible to make. The dentist would not take any phone calls. They would not take out any bone chips that surfaced so the patient had to do it himself.

They wanted to charge him another $250.00 for a soft liner, but told him he could go to Walmart and purchase one over the counter and fit it himself. We were made to feel as though we were stuck with ill fitting dentures and could not go anywhere else for help. On Wednesday February 22, 2017, we were told that the dentist was not available, which didn't matter anyway because the girl on the phone said she was the manager and what she said goes. She also said to call back again for any help needed.

Very sarcastic and unprofessional.

We have since found another dental practice with much better customer service. Do not support this office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Business office practices and customer service, Dont care about you.

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Seasoned dentist is 100% correct. Best thing to do is never use them.

The next best thing to do is get rid of Aspen as soon as you can and go find you a good dentist. I know because i used them once and now i am with a good dentist and it is very peaceful and quiet

Loganville, Georgia, United States #1294619

The dentist wouldn't take any calls because he probably isn't there anymore. He finished his 1 month prison sentence at cr@pen dental and ran away to a better office.


You don't understand the A$pen business model. You think it is like a private practice owned by a dentist.

Practices like mine rely on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied patients. The owner-dentist tries to exceed each patient's expectations so they will refer friends, coworkers and other family members. We can't afford expensive ad campaigns.

A$pen and other corporate clinics don't operate like that. Their customers are suckers who fall for television and radio ads.

The goal is to fleece each patient for as much money as possible, for as little work as they can get by with. Once that dirty deed is done, you are old news. Denture problems? Get lost!

Sensitive fillings? Come back in 6 months. No A$pen patient would refer a friend, coworker, or family member to that joint. Shoot, you wouldn't even refer a captured Pakistani Jihadist to that *** chain clinic.

Referrals by existing patients don't matter at A$pen, because there are plenty of new suckers coming in the front door after watching TV ads.

A$pen employees don't care a flip about patients like you who have already been fleeced. Now you know how the game is played!

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