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When i first came in Febuary there has been 3 differnt dentist maybe more which is bad because i have a cavity which was there my initial visit they fell to fix it but already paid$3000 + $200. And now its end of august and still havent got my permanent dentures its been over a week since ive been told they would be ready but still have to pay over $1300 so $4500 for half *** service is rediculious.

I got 4 gold crowns which where only $800 and change.

3 different dentist in 6 months??? I dont understand why it takes this long

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Why 3 different dentists in 6 months? A$pen is the worst dental employer in the US.

Dentists only work there until they can find a better job. The promised pay is low, and then the company finds ways of cheating the dentists out of the pay they are supposed to earn. If you are getting dentures I don't understand how they can do a filling on a tooth, if you have no teeth. The most incredible part of your story is you got gold crowns from this outfit.

They cannot be real gold. Ask for the sticker with alloy content.

If you are like most A$pen patients, you won't be able to wear the dentures when you get them. Very, very foolish decision you made to go to a sleazy corporate chop shop clinic instead of a regular dentist.

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