Madison, Wisconsin
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Took wife there to have a cap put back on, So CALLED Dentist was RUDE OBNOXIOUS CONDESCENDING arrogant self-centered self righteous just all-around a ugly human being appeared to be of Indian descent can't recall his name, He charged us 300,00 $$ took less then 10 mins never cleaned off the tooth no drilling Nothing put some type of foul tasting glue on never used the hardening light said your done and ask her to now leave, 1 week later tooth fell out went back and had to THREATEN law suit to get $$ back went to a reputable dentist had tooth fixed right and have had No problem ever since! My Pet's veterinarian is a better dentist than these clowns do not go there for any reason!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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To understand A$pen treatment, you only have to understand this. Each and every A$pen dentist wants to get out of there as soon as they can find a better job.

So the only thing they want to do while they are employed by A$pen is maximize their commission. To do this they have to charge as many patients as much as they can.

Thus, a crown recemention like I did today for an emergency patient for $99 morphs into a $300 charge at an A$pen chop shop.

Wall Street private equity scoundrels owning dental clinics instead of licensed dentists is a bad deal for patients every time. Spread the news to all your friend, family, and coworkers.


That dentist knows he will quit and move on next week so he could not care less. It sounds exactly like what happens at all aspen rip-off dental offices.