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Aspen Dental Nightmare. I had some bottom teeth bad & hurting for a few months.

Food was getting stuck & was time to get rid of the pain. I went to Aspen Dental for pain relief & fix bottom teeth. They gave me pain killers acknowledging my pain & lower teeth problems. Then decided to ignore all pain & lower teeth & said i had to pull all front teeth (good & no pain or problems) that i was losing bone fast & had to come out asap.

(Bullshit) Went home realizing I'm being set up for a mouth full of problems. So I made 2 special appointments 1st the office mgr. Letting him know we were approaching this backwards & we need to address my pain & then worry about the good teeth that wasn't a painful issue. Told them to keep deposit & deal with my pain.

Fell upon death ears. Went back for 2nd. appointment this time with dentist. Went over same issues & nothing at all done.

Day of teeth being pulled probably 10 days later. Broke roots off in jaw, could here & feel it, 2 bloody trips to x ray to figure out if they left any roots (Jaw all jacked up now) I got my whole mouth of problems & pain. (Thanks Aspen) No antibiotics or pain killers. NOTHING!!

Went to ger stiches out, Gums & Jaw not healing right, blood coming from gums just removing stiches. Just the look on her face & she said this isn't good. What a NIGHTMARE! Now after $5000+ they will not finish my permanent denture until i sign what they call a consent form but it releases them of all liabilities & i forfeit my warranty which was 1 of the deciding factors for me.

I totally got screwed & they don't care. Also the last time i went in, the Admin. said she would contact them. I went in they called me up to give me a hard time about a bogus bill i didn't owe.

After they dug deeper & i kept refusing to pay something i didn't owe, FINALLY after more than 1 person digging into it finally admitted it was there error & work never done. Once again a NIGHTMARE. Thats my story of Aspen Dental. I only had 1 shot of getting it right, i should have done a better job of checking reviews.

I just wanted the pain to stop. Now i have more pain, with all the impressions other teeth giving me problems because of impressions pulling old fillings so they caused more problems & i still have original problem teeth & now its getting cold & bothering me more.

Bad part is i still need a dentist after several months & $5285.00 in work I'm in more pain, lost sleep do to pain & more miserable now than when i started. THANKS ASPEN

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bad decision listening to a chop shop's advice to extract all your teeth. Some teeth can nearly always be saved, particularly your upper and lower canine teeth.

Some teeth are ALWAYS better than no teeth. Partial dentures or overdentures are ALWAYS better than full dentures. Aspen's plan is to butcher your mouth and get you deep in debt doing it, so you cannot afford hiring another dentist to straighten out the mess. You are not the first Aspen victim and you will not be the last.

PLEASE seek advice of REAL PEOPLE YOU KNOW in choosing your next dentist. NEVER use a corporate dental chain.


Sounds like you neglected your oral hygiene and upkeep for a long while and, as a result now have many problems with your teeth, etc. Alot of problems can come from painful teeth, etc.

and I strongly advise you to see a local dentist in private practice to see what can be done for your problems. You will have to pay an exam fee, but at least you will get much better dental advice than what you have been receiving from a dental mill like Aspen.

Given the apparent pain you are experiencing, get to a good local dentist sooner, rather than later as bad, painful mouth problems can affect other parts of your body, eg., infections, etc. Good luck.