Well I'm back for my second complaint. Prior to having my teeth removed for dentures they supposedly fixed one of my lower teeth to keep as hook on teeth.

They filled it prior to any pulling, then they decided after the pulling that this tooth needed re fixing. Now two months latter, the filling has completely fallen out, so now I have to go in today and have it fixed for a third time. Also I had to get a second bottom temporary due to the first one was so crocked that it had so many adjustments it snapped in half. The second bottoms are so grossly made on one side that it cuts and lets everything get under.

The other side looks like they mashed it with their finger to make it curve into the gum to fit, now its so tight one side it cuts and the other side is so grossly large that once again they just teeter, and my top ones flair on one side and don't have a match of amount of teeth that when you chew on the right it make the left pop completely off and than you *** on the denture line on top, very painfull.

I want a refund on my permanent pair, I will go somewhere else that can construct then better than the tech at Aspen in Lincoln NE. The worst dental experience I have ever had in 56 years.

Review about: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

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