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I carcked a tooth and getting ready to have surgery. I need to get

it fixed.

When I went in and saw them, they could not fix it the

same day. I made a appointment and paid for it in advance. When

I got to my appointment they could not fix my tooRuDo notDo not th unless I agreed

to a new bridge. One had nothing to do with the other.

I explained

again I am getting ready to have surgery and I felt my plate was full.

No they would not do it. When I asked for a refund for what i paid in

advance on my Visa they told me it would take a week. I am a

Regional Manger and I understand sales. Yes the bridge would pay


But what I paid for was my tooth to get fixed. This bad business, very bad business.

What a shady place. Stay away.

Monetary Loss: $78.

Preferred solution: My refund and tooth fixed.

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Hey! How are you?

I wish I had as much time as you to sit and post rude comments and act like I was the only perfect dentist in the United States. No wonder you can’t get patients you’re to busy sticking your nose in corporate dentistry. Maybe you will be able to post a picture of your million dollar smile so we can see how perfect you are.

Get a life! Best wishes to your failing practice!


Yet again A$pen tightens the screws to squeeze more money out of a desperate patient. So sad when patients are taken advantage of.

The shame of it is, any competent dentist replaces missing teeth by implants these days. Bridges are reserved for newbies that need commission that work for sleazy clinics like Aspen.

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