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Having an appointment with aspen dental longer than a hour and s half the dentist broke my tooth next to the molar that was extracted after several tried of numbing the area I was still feeling pain it ended up by the dentist getting another dentist to take it out he found the right place to numb the area she the dentist told me that she broke the tooth at the surface and has to come out I couldn’t eat or swallow without pain until the tooth came out while eating a banana I was referred to a surgeon who removed it I had no swelling or pain like I did at aspen I feel she the dentist broke it she should pay for the damage I have no bottom molar now on one side for chewing ! This took place 12/2017

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It was very unwise of you to want a tooth extracted if it could have been saved by a root canal. Extracting a permanent tooth is no picnic and a lot of adverse things can happen.

That being said, I have extracted a ton of teeth over the years and I have never broken an adjacent tooth. That is something that happens with amateurs and dentists in a rush.

However, read in the dentists history that THE TOOTH THAT BROKE HAD SEVERE CARIES.

For goodness sakes have that surgeon do a socket preservation graft so you'll have enough bone to get an implant later.

After your experience, do you understand why so many patients refer to A$pen as a one-stop chop shop?

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