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Do not sign the treatment plans....Aspen doesn't actually verify or speak with your insurance to see what is covered or not. They take general insurance coverage and base your treatment plan off that.

They also apply deceptive pricing based on this phantom coverage (bait and switch). As your insurance denies claims because the services are not covered, Aspen Dental will not tell you. They will wait until all services are complete and then remove all those insurance/provider discounts and demand payment of THOUSANDS with-in 5 days, then send you straight to collections. They will not work with you or your insurance, despite it being their error.

THESE ARE NOT FEES FOR SERVICES, IT IS KICK BACK PRICING. I was charged ~700.00 (and fully paid) per crown, when my insurance denied the claims (because my coverage was never checked) the fee per crown was raised to 1,153.00 ea, months after conclusion of services. The one my insurance did cover remain at the original fee $700.00. THEY DO NOT TELL YOU OR SHOW YOU THIS RANGE IN YOUR TREATMENT PLAN.

They have you pay upfront claiming they have received authorization of benefits from your insurance company and then do a bait and switch. They have a blanket policy that "protects" them and doesn't require them to actually look at your individual dental plan. Again, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING, they can change your treatment plan at any time again raising the cost mid- treatment to where you cannot stop. If you do, you are left with incomplete work that would require emergency visits to another dentist.

Aspen dental WILL hold all your records as well, causing another dentist to guess at how to fix the mess. YES, a mess... and Aspen Dental fees are MUCH higher than other dentists. They can't even enter phone numbers right either, so you'd better be very proactive in contacting them.

They had my crowns their office for 3 weeks, tried to call me once, using only one number in my file, which they had wrong.

No effort made to call my cell or use my email, both in my file. Decline the Oral-B Toothbrush they give you in a treatment plan, They charge 135.00 for it , you can by the same electric toothbrush for far less, mine broke after 4 mo.

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Expecting three good crowns from A$pen would be like expecting a good coronary bypass operation from a witch doctor in Africa. Wrong place to go for such a service.

I must be honest with you about some things:


Since it is YOUR insurance that YOU paid for, it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to know your coverage. Did you do your homework and bring them a schedule of benefits, or just an insurance card with next to no info? If the latter, YOU were negligent.

2. You got junk dental coverage.

$700 won't pay for a decent crown anywhere, except maybe rural Mississipppi.

3. The above being said, it is highly unusual to charge you one fee for one crown covered by insurance, and another fee for the crowns not covered by insurance.

4. Patients think they will save money going to whatever dentists are on the insurance Prostituting Provider list. As you found out, that is not true.

Better to choose an honest dentist based on competency and experience. 5. It is illegal in most states for dentists to hold dental records hostage until the bill is paid in full. You are right about the power toothbrush being a rip-off.

The whole A$pen outfit is a rip-off run by Wall Street investors and not dentists. There are plenty of fine dentists in every corner of the US I have traveled to. But you won't find them in scummy corporate chop shop clinics.

Ask REAL PEOPLE in your neighborhood for recommendations. Remember online reviews can be doctored.

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