What gets me was I knew exactly what they were going to say and do before I even set foot in their office. I told them I had one tooth that was bothering me, that I wanted it taken care of before it got bad, suspecting a small cavity.

Not only did they NOT find anything, but claimed I needed two crowns at a cost of $1250 each. What exposed their shady practice was they refused to address either tooth until they did scaling at $800 each time and they would have to do it in 2 different appointments for a total of 6 visits for a grand total of $4250 I might have agreed to the 2 crowns but I'll be damned if I'm going to cough up $1600 for a cleaning.

Did I mention 1/3 of my teeth are missing already ? What are they going to clean, teeth that I don't have and are already crowned ?

User's recommendation: Don't waste your time and try to find a legit dentist if there is such a thing.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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I had no insurance when I made the appt and recently had work done at a dentist far away so wanted one closer. I had a recent model views of the whole mouth.

all I needed or wanted was a maintainance cleaning. I normally get one each year. the office insisted on xrays and inspections which was free. I was told I needed a moderate scaling and a three month service of the same.

I was okay with that.

The fee was to be eleven hundred dollars for each visit. I declined the offer.


If you knew beforehand what sort of ruthless tactics they would use to shake you down, why did you even bother to make an appointment there. If you really needed scaling, which I doubt, there are dental codes for a smaller number of teeth, at less cost.

Aspen probably has never used these codes. Whatever you do, don't let these bozos give you two made-in-China crowns.

They are trash. The mission of Aspen Organized Crime Syndicate is to separate patients from as much of their hard-earned money as possible.

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