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I went to Aspen in the spring. Dr Marie offered to do two implants and a plate on my bottom teeth for $4100.

I wanted to see about restoration.

She told me she couldn’t do it. And yet it’s in their description. Never gave me an estimate for that I went to three different dentists to see about restoring all of my bottom teeth. Needless to say they turned out to be almost $20,000.

Ridiculous !

Went back to Aspen in October. I had a copy of what she had given me. $4100 covered everything! With only two implants.

I said I would maybe like to have four. How much would that be? Went back to Aspen in October. I had a copy of what she had given me.

$4100 covered everything! With only two implants. I said I would maybe like to have four. How much would that be?

The estimate now was $15,000 plus

Instead of just adding the price for two implants. Which is all they would’ve had to do. They handed me an estimate for $15,000. When I questioned it as I question everything because it’s my mouth, I was brushed off and told that they would not do the work for me that I would have to see an oral surgeon who works for them.

And that’s why it was $10,000 more. I wouldn’t send an enemy to Aspen Dental. They’re liars, they’re deceitful. If you question things you get put on some kind of a crap list.

Then they don’t care about you at all.

I was highly discussed it. How can these type of dental offices continue to deceive the public?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Do the work you said you do for $4100. Plus the price of two implants.

Aspen Dental Pros: Nice nurse.

Aspen Dental Cons: Professionalism, Poor managment and cs, Integrity, No integrity.

  • Mislead And Decieved
  • Unprofessional- Unhelpful Customer
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You are wrong. To do four implants, they also would have had to add attachments for the extra two implants.

It is more work. Look, the LAST place you want to do implants is the Aspen scammers. They will use the cheapest implants they can find. There is little to know chance the denture made for them will fit accurately.

Super accurate impressions must be taken. The buffoon dentists who work for Aspen never can do this with the materials they have. What you want is very complicated- much more complex than you imagine. For a removable denture, all you need is two really nicely placed implants.

Then you can attach them to the denture with magnets or Locator attachments. Wouldn't be a bad idea to reinforce the denture with metal so it will not break. YOU NEED AN EXPERIENCED INDEPENDENT DENTIST TO PERFORM COMPLICATED TREATMENT LIKE THIS, NOT A FLEABAG CORPORATE CHOP SHOP CLINIC! For goodness sakes do not let anyone do those mini-implants on you.

They are cheaper, but fall out in no time. Two implants + implant attachments + an implant denture will cost you around $7000.


No I’m not wrong. The price for the 2 implants was in the plan.

I’m not blind. It should have been the price as per the plan + the charge for the work.

Another $4,100 should have been added. Not $10,000.


Decent implant placement costs about $2000 per implant. This does not include the cost of the CAT scan nor the surgical guide nor the attachments that rest upon the implants.

Obvious they made a mistake in their estimate. They do it all the time.

I am trying to tell you what such treatment costs by reputable dentists. It will set you back about $7000 when you include the implant denture in the mix.