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I received an immediate partial constructed for the front tooth in the top of my mouth. It was very slanted.

So in my mouth it made my front tooth look crooked. The Dentist tried to fix it as best that she could. They went on to work on the bottom teeth.

When it was time for a remake of the top partial, the second Dentist seemed annoyed, stating that she had no notes on the issue. She cut me off by talking over me and when I spoke again she shoved gauze into my mouth while I was talking and told me to keep it in my mouth for 20 minutes.

After our dialogue, the assistant handed me a bag stating that it contained my goodies and thanked me for coming, all while she was escorting me to the door. The next day, I was given the remade partial. It was much worse! I always had a gap, but this time it was a larger gap and the tooth was longer than the tooth beside it.

The Dentist filed it down, but it is still visibly longer. I do not want to smile. The bottom partial hurt in different ways. I struggled to get it into my mouth each day, so I took it back.

The Dentist tried to fix it, but now it is a big opening over my tongue which rubs my tongue constantly (which causes me to talk funny) after the Dentist tried to repair it. The tooth on the right side of the partial sticks into my gum. The metal that broke on that same side and poked my cheek was corrected. After several visits, my concern is that my permanent partials may be as bad or worse.

In the meantime, I have to deal with these for the next three months.

Overall, I am very sorry for choosing this establishment. If I was a difficult customer, then I am sorry for that too.

User's recommendation: Do not accept subpar work. Speak to the business manager. After calling a number to complain, I learned that I should have done that.

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Arabella, your name showed up when I clicked on the complaint link. I f it was sent to you in error or if I caused you any difficulties, I apologize. Thank you for your response.


You went to a crooked dental outfit and they made a crooked tooth. No big surprise there. Bet you chose this shyster outfit just because it was on your insurance list, didn't you?


I think it was on my insurance list. I mainly went there because I had been suffering with a broken and painful tooth for about a month.

I was unable to find anyone with openings that I could fit into my work schedule. Finally, I found this business and they had an opening. It is a beautiful place and the staff were friendly. Like any business, you have issues that have to be worked out.

I learned a some things and I think that they have as well. Thank you for your comment!

@Arabelle Ych

The best way to find a crummy dentist is to go to one that advertises on TV. The second best way to find a crummy dentist is to seek one off an insurance list. That is because only the youngest, most desperate, and inexperienced dentists sign up to be on the low-paying insurance plans.

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