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I was looking for a dental discount so i called carington dental discount plan they share a contract with all aspen dentsl ( as i later found out ) i paid for 1 yr membership and was referred to aspen dental i called to schedule a appt for a free consultation upon arrival i spoke to someone at the billing ( payment dept ) i told her that i needed to extract 2 top frontal teeth and that i was looking for a fair price for 2 implants she told me that each implant will cost me $3,000 after the 20% discount from carington ( the same price in aby other dentist clinicand extract 2 back teeth that were lose she started to tell me that i needed to extract 10 teeth i told her that i needed to see the dentist because that was too many teeth to extract w/o reason or explanations so the dentist told me the same as she that i needed to extract 10 teeth so i went along according to the expert ( so i thought ) i paid $7, 508 with my credit card for scaling , cavaties , top and bottom partial and at my request 4 bottom frontal crowns to match with the top after 8 impressions on 8 seperate appts and 8 crowns later no crowns fit because they shaped my own teeth into a pointy shaped spear to fit the crowns over them but because they shaped them crooked no crowns fit and they all look like halloween teeth too tall and bulky looked nothing like my own teeth i asked to be givin back the remainder of my money to be put back in my credit card for non procedures and i was told that there was no money back to be givin and i heard someone from their staff say " CALL THE SHERIFF ON HER and i said please do because i need to take this to court for fraud my payment records were denied as well as my xrays .looking at social media i found the chief executive to all aspen dental in georgia where i reside so i text him to explain the facts and the next day someone text me with a appt to meet with me. To return $3, 255 to my credit card owed to me and my xrays but not my payment record i believe that they gave me back less money .

Aspen dental extracted xtra teeth only to profit and sell me FAKE TEETH , I never recieved my permanant top frontal partial with one dented tooth ( that i did not have and the back patial never fit and the bottom frontal crowns have a hugh gap in the back on all crowns being they never covered completely and for that reason my tongue gets cut up each time i speak .one is up one is down .. And one is in and the other out all the food gets inside and eventually i ll lose those teeth as well it s going to cost me more money to reverse the damages that aspen dental left in my mouth because of the shody and unprofessional work done, money that i don t have.



Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Nice looking crowns- if you were a horse! There is no head of Aspen Dental of Georgia.

The clinics are owned and controlled by Aspen Dental Management in Syracuse New York. It is just plain idiotic to try and get implants in a shoddy gyp joint like Aspen. You might as well try to get coronary bypass surgery in a local Walgreen''s.

It is going to take a lawyer to straighten things out. Good job getting into so much trouble by purchasing a junk dental plan and having them send you to a dental chop shop like Aspen.