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Had to get a crown on number 7 tooth about month and a half ago.. the temp crown the unprofessional dentist made fitted 100% better than original crown that was made for me..

the crown was to narrow and too short I told the dentist this went back twice because it seemed like it wasn't in place good and very sensitive to hot liquids.. the third time in this 1 1/2 time spam I explained to the same dentist how this crown was bothering my mouth and I just wanted my mouth to feel normal like it did before the crown his words were you gonna need more than that crown done to make my mouth feel normal" my words to him I didn't come in for any other teeth but that one.. he went on to say that he would do another crown for a smaller fee!!! I told him I wasn't paying him for another crown and neither would my insurance company I took there so-call bio if snd told him I was calling their corporate office and he said " go ahead " I also told I was calling my insurance carrier and the states attorney office..

which I did file a complaint... that office in East Hartford/Glastonbury is the worse and very unprofessional especially the dentist ... all about money..

wouldn't recommend for a dog/animal cause that's how they treat you and that's what they are!!!!!!!!! Money hungry animals!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Having gone there I would suggest that you look at your bill see what ADA code they used on the crown and then find out what the crown on your tooth is really made of. You can't ask them (as they will lie) but when you go to and you will to a dentist that is not fleecing you, ask and the sooner the better.

They can be made of many materials and they bill people with insurance or not for the highest grade and then put wax in your mouth.

You for instance probably paid for pins/ post and core buildup etc for a crown . When most of that is included in the price of a crown as deemed by the ADA anyhow. 2950 I think is the major code that is frivolous.

Let your insurance company look at it. I am sure there is more. I say this so you can get the money you paid and the insurance company to back out so you can get it fixed for real.

You could also go my route and geez it was so funnnnnn!!!!!

I did what I knew would get me results and money now! Aspen Dental does not like a scene in the front office.

So I gave them one of my best, I am Italian and am loud. It serves you well in the right venue.

I told them in front of a waiting room full of 1st timers what I got what and what they charged me for. I managed to have the office manager rein me in and refund me . I did make him sign it and acknowledge my complaint on the refund also.

I managed to get 3k back from them in 4 days . According to the insurance company I did great but there are a gazillion other charges. So they have not seen the last of me...not for dental work just for office tantrums.

I have found that if you have a lot of knowledge coupled with a gigantic mouth, and wait for the right captive waiting room audience. You can get them at their own game.

It was so much more rewarding to have them make me stop my rant and pay me to do it then it would have been had I just filled out a report to the states attorney which I did also. Meantime keep them out of your mouth!

to Godmother Topeka, Kansas, United States #1349352

Good work, sister! More brave victims like you, and A$pen would be bankrupt in no time!

But I am sorry to tell you that ADA code is a legitimate charge, separate from a crown.

It is appropriate for many teeth, and all root canal posterior teeth.

As long as a guildup is actually DONE. Many times at A$pen, they charge for a buildup and never really do it!

You are also right that a common scam is to bill for a high-noble crown, then fabricate it out of junk metal that includes no gold or palladium.

to Seasoned Dentist #1349553

OMG it was such a rush the OM was looking at me like this nut is going to *** my game. I gave the waiting room an earful of Aspen Dental 101. A couple people left(although they could have been afraid of me) the OM wrote a refund slip after he scooted me out of there. I had him sign it, date it, everything but bleed on it and it was in the bank 4 or 5 days later. Look I am an Italian women who was 2 smart to be there in the first place so it made me feel really good to have that *** "kiss my ring"


I know the code is is a legit code just abused. Another seasoned dentist told me so read this:

Core Build-ups (code # D2950) are not a covered benefit unless used to restore a tooth that has been treated endodontically. Core buildups and prefabricated post and core (D2954) and cast post and core (D2952) will not be paid on the same tooth. Aspen Dental codes this way for money, (D2950) or prefabricated post and core when restoring and closing an endodontic access opening. Core buildups and prefabricated post and core are reimbursable when they are necessary for the retention of the crown, not for closure of an endodontic access opening with the crown already in tact. Do not report crown repair necessitated by material failure either. If the crown is removed first then core buildup/prefabricated post and core can be reported.

I am saying they are billing all of these codes together on one tooth. I got a crash course in ADA codes and was looking at the bill and that 2950 code kept popping up and I am thinking what?

I mean yes you are a seasoned dentist and I am just or was a RN and medical coder after. Everytime I saw the that code i would think the only way to the aorta using one code is through the femoral artery . This place bills like they are trying to get to your aorta via your pinky toe. It is just wrong. Then comes what they are putting in your mouth. Nobody knows and this is when Aspen Dental can be sued not fined sued for blatant bait and switch tactics....You Think?

to DP Topeka, Kansas, United States #1349962

If nothing is done to strengthen a crowned tooth after a root canal, they frequently break off at the gum line. I have seen it happen many, many times.

Prefabricated post and core code INCLUDES the amalgam buildup around it, and a 2950 buildup fee should not be charged in addition.

You are right about that.

The IDEAL way to restore a premolar crown after a root canal is to do a custom cast gold post through the access hole and into the root. The margins can be burnished to form a perfect seal. This also adds strength to prevent fracture. Few dentists know how to do these anymore.

An acceptable way is to condense amalgam through the hole and into the root.

This might add a little strength. Then dentist might bill this as an amalgam filling, or a buildup at a reduced fee, since much less material is used.

Unfortunately, most guys just plug the hole with composite resin, which adds no strength and deteriorates quickly. This should probably be billed as just an occlusal resin filling, but unscrupulous people like A$pen bill it as a buildup.

A visit to A$pen often escalates into a billing extravaganza, as you found out. Remember both the dentist and office manager have guns to the heads to meet corporate revenue targets for their office.

If they don't bill and collect enough, they are quickly history.

Corporate ownership of dental clinics STINKS to high heaven. That is why it is actually illegal in most states.


I tried Aspen after my wonderful dentist and staff of 12 years retired from private practice. Horrible experience to say the least.

I appreciate the seasoned dentist trying to inform the public about what to expect from Aspen Dental. I can assure you that all of these complaints are real. Would not use them for any reason.

I asked several friends and coworkers about a good private practice dentist and I found a good one. Am very happy with the dentist and his staff.


I read a lot of complaints about Aspen Dental on this site.

You'd better find a better provider for your own sake before this gets any worse.

Talk to your friends, neighbors, etc. about their provider.

Drive around and check out facilities.

You can tell a lot by being observant.

And, of, course, it's all going to cost money no matter what. You probably don't mind as long as you get what you paid for.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1347567

Of the entities you mentioned, only your state's attorney general can do anything. But only if they get enough complaints like yours.

A$pen has already been slammed in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Indiana.

They just pay the fines as a cost of doing business and resume their scams as usual.

You probably need a root canal and post on that tooth now- as well as another crown. PLEASE go to a private dentist to do it, and forget the corporate clinic chop shops.

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