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Went to Aspen Dental in Conyers Georgia in May of this year 2017 and yes my mouth was a little jacked up and needed over $7,000 worth of work done, being the scary cat that I am I had to be put under for my surgery but after my surgery still biting down on the goal after several hours feeling no pain after the novocaine started to wear off I noticed some pain as the pain started to get unbearable I noticed in the mirror that my eye tooth was split in half. No one called me to inform me that this had occurred doing surgery so I called the next day to let them know of the situation and they said oh yes the doctor informed us that he cracked your eye tooth doing surgery, Really..

Why not go ahead and pull it while I was under instead of me coming back to charge me more money. Had to come back 3 different times for them to pull out pieces of tooth that they left behind.. But here's the big kicker that run my business and my life, my bill was $7,100 being that I had a credit score of 747 I was able to finance $4,500 of the total bill with a balance of 3000 out of pocket. After about 3 days I started to get several credit alerts and notice that my credit score went down 127 points.

At that very moment of feeling came over me was like someone telling me that a family member was just killed in a car accident. They reported to the credit bureau as if they gave you a $4,500 credit limit and you maxed it out in one day. They are so money-hungry they do not tell you this up front knowing very well that this is going to happen to your credit. I contacted Madelia the financial supervisor for Aspen Dental and told her what happened and all she said was I'm sorry and tried to get my mind off by talking of something else.

I will not be going back for my $3,000 final appointments because I will be taking them to court for ruining my credit and my business my life. This stunt they pulled kept me from getting my commercial mortgage loan. And not to mention that extra Stress and Anxiety this has brought up on me.

Very very very disappointed in Aspen Dental.. Skinny Chef

Review about: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Canine teeth are the strongest in the mouth and just don't crack unless they are severely decayed. The problem with fixing it without your permission while sedated could be judged battery in a court of law, or they could have held you harmless for the cost of fixing it since you never gave your direct permission.

That being said, knowing A$pen, you probably did not need half the treatment they performed on you.

Terrible Worse mistake waiting years to fix rotting teeth until you were in crisis.

Worse mistake by far to go to a corporate chop shop rather than a regular dentist that owned his practice to get the butchery done.

Also, you could have saved hundreds of dollar by just taking oral Valium and having laughing gas for the procedure. I do it every day for nervous patients.

to Seasoned Dentist #1360937

So true. I am so sorry about what happened to the guy's tooth.

But eventually Aspen is going to have to do a Business Name changed or hire experienced seasoned doctors. Thank you seasoned doctor for your true comment to this sad private guy.

to Seasoned Dentist #1379869

Laughing gas sounds better than what im schedule for at end of month I got anexity and get anxious once I can not be in control wanted me have iv sedation

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