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Consumers Beware Aspen Dental: They will do anything for a dollar. I sent my husband to them that's how I found out that I owed them anything.

My husband told them to call me he told them he didn't know anything about my bill. So he called me and I could hear her in the background saying what I owed and etc. . He said she still kept going on and on with him discussing my bill with him.

I had him give her the phone I tried to explain that I didn't owe the bill she wouldn't even listen she just kept saying that this person or persons don't work there anymore. Then the very next day they started having someone from Montgomery Lynch law office trying to bully me into paying a bill that I didn't owe. The guy wouldn't even let me speak. He got very loud and demanding.

I thought once you told someone you would deal directly with the company and not to call you again. I explained i didn't know who he was and that I wasn't giving him any of my personal information. I told him I would contact Aspen Dental directly, But Montgomery Lynch does what it wants also must be friends of Aspen Dental. So i told him not to call me again so now they continue to call thru out the day but don't leave any message.

I called my insurance company and she explained they didn't post the bill until after Jan 1st which made me lose the prior year insurance. I purposely went in Dec so I wouldn't lose my dental coverage for that year. Then came back in Jan so I'd have my new year coverage. They were the ones that helped me figure out the best treatment so I'd be able to use my insurance and not have a large bill.

Now they won't fix it they want me to pay. When I sent my husband there they started telling him I owed a bill and they couldn't see him. 1st of all who gave them permission to discuss my bill with anyone other then me. 2nd how did they even know that they were talking to my husband.

I spoke to my attorney friend he said that is against the law for them to discuss any of my bill with anyone without my permission.

They also have this Montgomery Lynch calling me trying to bully me into making a payment arrangement with them. They also have it set to somekind of auto call where it keeps calling thru out the day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your post is confusing. YOU were the patient, but you sent YOUR HUSBAND to their office to discuss your bill?

Or he was a patient there as well? If you are both on the same insurance plan your accounts HAVE TO BE LINKED and when talking about a balance, it is impossible to separate the two of you. The two of you exist in the computer as a FAMILY account. It is impossible to do otherwise if you two are married and have the same insurance.

No laws have been broken by talking to him about your family account. You don't have any case.

However, this is the weird part. Insurance is billed by the TREATMENT DATE, not when it is filed. If coverage terminates in January, and a claim is filed in January for a service in December, THE CLAIM STILL SHOULD BE PAID.

This is a matter that YOU need to take up with the insurance company, as it was YOUR insurance.

Patient err when they wait until the last minute to have treatment before a policy terminates. I see it all the time. Many insurance companies are dishonest. When they see they are going to lose a customer, they lose all interest in paying legitimate claims.

Regardless, you made a big mistake going to a corporate run scam shop like A$pen.You are right about one thing: the Wall Street investors that own the place only care about money.

That is why they have been prosecuted and fined by FOUR state attorneys general. Next time, go to an honest independent dentist that owns his practice.

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