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With so many dissatisfied people why hasn’t something been done about this company

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Good question you ask, and worthy of an answer.1. Boards of dentistry cannot discipline anyone except licensed dentists and hygienists.

They cannot do a thing to crooked corporate executives.2. Outfits like A$pen are operating illegally in most states. Most locales require dentists licensed in that state to own practices. Boards of dentistry should close them down.

However, Boards have very limited legal representation. Corporations like A$pen have lawyers out the wazoo. To be honest, boards of dentistry lack the legal manpower to shut them down.3. A$pen and other corporations like it donate money to state politicians and are trying to get corporate officers installed on state dental boards.

In some states like Texas they have succeeded.4. That leaves State Attorneys General to discipline them. With enough patient complaints they do. FOUR have disciplined A$pen already.

A$pen never admits guilt in the settlements, pays the fines, and resumes the scams.You don't understand. These are corporations owned by Wall Street investors and even a Canadian teachers' union.

Their goal is to make as much money as possible. They don't give a flip about patient welfare.

to Seasoned Dentist #1482113

I went to Aspen to have my dentures replaced after the rehab center I was staying in lost them...after going thru month after month of appointments, the owner decided he couldn't do it...but gave me no refund he, will not repay the nursing facility the money they paid or the $880 I paid through Dental First...I now am paying another dentist $2,000 to replace the implants that I paid frustrating! I won't send any one there EVER or go there myself...they owe me about $2,000, even more when you count pain & suffering I have gone thru....and the timeless hours I've spent there...not sure what to do now, anybody know a good lawyer that charges pro bono or based on income...I am now paying paments to Care Credit

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