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I made the HUGE mistake of taking my dental business to Aspen Dental, West Melbourne Fl, last year 06/2013. The dentist was completely incompetent, in my opinion, and I have had many, dental procedures in my life. in June of 2013, I went to Aspen Dental in West Melbourne Fl, I needed to have 6 teeth pulled and a partial denture made and installed. I went to multiple appointments, for impressions, and finally when the time came to have the extractions, the dentist was only able to pull 1 tooth and informed me I would have to go to a oral surgeon to have the extractions completed. This I could understand, I returned approx. 2 weeks later to have a TEMPORARY partial denture installed, that according to the dentist I would have to wear for 6 months, then they would make me a permanent partial denture. I never returned to Aspen dental to have the permanent partial done, I was completely turned off by their practices and lack of planning for my procedures. I went to a new dentist this year to have my permanent denture constructed, when the new dentist tried to file a claim with my insurance, it was denied, based on the fact that they had paid Aspen Dental for a permanent partial denture, the year before. I NEVER received a permanent denture from Aspen Dental.

I went to Aspen Dental in person to address this issue, per instructions from my insurance company. This office no longer employs the dentist, or office manager that were there when I had my work done. I spoke with the new office manager, she informed me that she would be happy to speak with the district manager about my situation on the following Tuesday, and get back with me. I waited until Tuesday afternoon and contacted her again, she inquired as to whether the partial I had received from them had any metal in it, I explained that it did NOT and that there is absolutely no doubt that this piece is a TEMPORARY partial denture. The office manager attempted to tell me that when billed to the insurance company, the same codes for a temporary and permanent partial are used, and that the billing was accurate.

I had to enlist the help of my insurance company to fight the battle for me, the agent from my dental insurance called the office manager and finally corrected her on the codes for temporary vs. permanent. The office manager finally agreed that they had billed incorrectly and agreed to send a retraction (on the ins. company recorded line). After a week of no action from the office manager at Aspen, I called corporate headquarters to address the issue, I have waited over a week since I called the HQ of Aspen Dental, for ANY sort of response, and I have heard NOTHING. My insurance company has had to refer the matter to the fraud department of the company to try to resolve the issue, when informed that this was happening, the office manager of Aspen Dental, West Melbourne Fl, agreed to have a retraction in their office the same day, a week later, they still have not complied.

I had one of the worst dental experiences of my life at Aspen Dental West Melbourne Fl, and I thought it was over when I stopped going to this company, but a year later, I am still paying for the mistake of giving Aspen Dental my business. They REFUSE to correct a situation they have already admitted they were wrong in, and will not contact me back regarding my complaint to the headquarters. This is a very deceitful company and they will not help you in any way if they make a mistake!!

Review about: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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i have also had issues with aspen dental, it seems they tell me that even though i have four teeth to connect a partial to that after trying twice to make me a partial they can't get it done. got a refund but that doesn't help me eat.

Athens, Georgia, United States #827576

There are no "free exams" or single procedure emergency visits at aspen.As a insider I can tell you that the first appointment by aspen's policy is for a "consult" .

What this means is for the manager to present you with a bill for all the extractions,fillings, cleanings (usually over diagnosed), prosthetics... that you need in one bill and advise you it would be easy for you to get one credit card loan and just make payments for all the procedures (they leave out the part that the interest rate may turn out to be 29-31%) aspen gets the credit card $$ before your treatment even starts, you start paying interest the day you sign treatment plan (credit card Loan). As the director of aspen tells new dentist: "our patients are here today , gone tomorrow". Their whole plan is to get the money on first day because they know you will come back for treatment.

Aspen has very well thought out plans to hook, take advantage of people. When most of the people go in for the "consult" they have no idea what the dental terms that are being used mean or which treatment is which. They know most people will just trust what the dentist and managers advise. Aspen does this very intentionally.

They prey on the poor, elderly, overly trusting and desperate people. The consult is not designed as a time to help you pay for the treatment, but as a time to size you up and see how much they can slide by you.

Trust me, they know that if you are in pain you most likely...

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Rantoul, Illinois, United States #800328

I speak as a dentist who has dealt with dental insurance for over 25 years.If a temporary plastic partial is billed correctly to insurance I KNOW OF NO INSTANCES where the same insurance company will pay anything for the final partial.

I tell my patients they just have to *** the bullet and pay for the temporary partial out of pocket, since it is the cheaper billing.

Still, this is no excuse why the two different codes were mixed up.

There is plainly one code for an all-plastic or all-nylon temporary partial, and another different one for cast partials.

The real mistake is that they should have told you it was in your best interest not to bill insurance for your temporary partial, and had you pay completely out of pocket.Typical fees for temporary partials are $500 to $750.

to henrius #800659

I have been over and over with my insurance company,they will pay for my permanent partial also, but will only pay for one permanent every 10 years. my insurance company called them, they admitted to billing with the wrong code on a recorded line with them, and agreed to send in a retraction, this is purely a dishonesty issue within Aspen Dental

to dwickens Atlanta, Georgia, United States #800722

If they will pay for both temporary and permanent partials, they are in fact paying for two partials in 10 years.Yours may be the first policy like this, because I have never encountered one.

The codes for a temporary and permanent partial are very close to one another in the ADA code book, and it could have merely have been an innocent mistake to bill one instead of the other.

It is a great error to seek treatment at any practice owned by a corporation employing young highly-indebted dentists working on commission.

It is a recipe for disaster.Is advertising so convincing in your mind?

to henrius West Melbourne, Florida, United States #800731

It was absolutely my fault for visiting a large corporate chain, expecting caring, honest service. The fact us that even though they have admitted wrong doing to the insurance company, they REFUSE to submit a retraction, that takes it beyond a simple mistake.

to henrius West Melbourne, Florida, United States #801383

Just wanted to update you, Aspen Dental has completely satisfied my complaints, After actual conversation with their corporate hq, I will admit that the billing may have been a "mistake/misunderstanding", but after it was discussed that the office manager at the time sold me on the "temporary" partial, and after 6 months, I was to get my "permanent" partial, with my new years benefits, I will say I was "misled" on the least. But I will say that Aspen Dental went far beyond what I was requesting for satisfaction, and I am very appreciative of them taking responsibility and correcting the situation beyond what I was hoping for, thank you Ron Hobbs

to henrius #1360883

No "Dentist" has ever experienced insirance companies.The dentist just does the dental procedures.

Their office staff does the "handling of the insurances".I disagree with your statement because if you "dealt with insurance companies" you would have no time to actually DO the dental work on the patient.

to Dental office staff #1378784

Any dentist that owns his practice is intimately involved with disputed claims and what codes to use.

In addition many of us talk with insurance reps in person and on the phone to dispute denied claims. We find codes for staff when we do uncommon procedures. Our dental journals are filled with treatment tips and how to code procedures.

Whenever I do a treatment plan for a patient, I generate the appropriate codes for the treatment, and insert it in my practice management program.

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