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I have been having dental implant @ Aspen Dental. I love Dr.

Baird, he's a great stand up kinda guy. Very personable, Iove him. But, I had a appt. today at noon, and Phlisha (sp) said they could not see me unless I paid the 1, 162.00 I had to go home a get our Baker Hughes Health Savings Account Card.

I was pissed!!!!! I have been dealing with the office for over 2 years and my Teeth are still not right the *** is off and Dr. Baird said he will get it fix. I think if you look at the quote that I was given was around 6,000.

I have already paid you all 6,000, Not sticking to the quote? It the was I was approached about the money due today, Out the reception so all could hear. Phlisha is so unprofessional, speaking so loud and telling me the Dr. will not see me today.

Well, I went home and got the savings card, went back and paid the 1,162,00. Will you please look into this and Phlisha need to be more professional and take people to her office to talk about pymt. So embarresed in front of the reception office. Will you please look into this and see what I actually owe?

I am very upset with how the Phlisha girl treated me, evidently she told the Dr. I was not going to make pymt at all. Look at my records and you will see that we paid our bills. She needs to be repermanted for the way she talks to a customer in front of all the other customers!!!!!!

I have another appt, on the 27 of Dec, Not very happy how I was treated my Phlisha!!!!!!

Not a happy customer!!!!!!!!! oh, my acct # is 5619967, Please get back with me with a solultion e-mail address if Thank you Karran Perry

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Rude employee that I didnt appreciate.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #1253434

Wow! You went to a sleazy joint like A$pen to get a complicated thing like an implant?

Did you have a temporary bout of insanity? That is like going to a brake and muffler shop to have a jet turbine engine rebuilt. Wrong place for the job!

A$pen can't get decent help for the crumby wages and pressure they give employees.

Nobody wants to work for that group of scumsuckers for long.

With the crumby labs A$pen uses, you are not likely to ever get implant teeth right. You made a big mistake choosing a corporate clown club like this to get such complicated treatment done.

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