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I have been going to Aspen Dental in Enfield for years. This past August I had a filling done and soon after I started to have a throbbing pain in that area and consistent migraines.

Because of expired insurance I didn’t come in right away and chalked up the pain to just sensitivity because of the filling. Four weeks pass and the pain becomes unbearable and I go in again. The doctor takes X-rays of where I tell them the pain is. Turns out, that the tooth in front of the one they filled needs a root canal.

I was understanding that these things happen, even though it seemed odd to me that they didn’t catch that infection just weeks prior when they filled the cavity behind it. They prescribe me with amoxicillin for the time being and book me an appointment into November, with little information on what is wrong with me and I blindly just agree and go on about my day. Upon talking with a family member who is a registered nurse, she told me about how dangerous it can be to let something like that sit for weeks. And that I should get it done soon.

I wasnt told by this office any information regarding severity. Later, i take a peek into my mouth. On the opposite side of my mouth, I notice this large black spot on the underside of my tooth. It looks like my tooth is completed rotted.

I have very good hygiene, but have always had issues with my back teeth growing up because of how far back they are in my mouth, I never realized that I wasn’t getting to them enough. I had my teeth looked at this morning by two people, a male assistant and a doctor, and neither of them made comment of this tooth. I then called them, and I was extremely pleasant on the phone. I did not throw a fit I was not rude, I simply asked why no one commented on this tooth.

I work in customer service and I don’t appreciate people disrespecting me for bad service that I didn’t have anything to do with I would never do it to someone else. I spoke with Lindsay, who was not helpful by any means. She told me “you were concerned about the right side so that isn’t all that we looked at.” When I tell you that this is clearly seen from the naked eye by someone whose not a medical professional, I am not exaggerating. I will include a photo.

The fact that this doctor was observing inside my mouth and completely disregarded this tooth on the other side is disgraceful. I can’t even believe that she is a reputable dentist to have missed this entirely. I am beyond disappointed with this office. I am astounded that this was overlooked for so long, completely pushed aside when seen this morning.

Under no circumstances will I ever be attending Aspen Dental again, and you can guarantee that this will not stop with a complaint. This is completely unacceptable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You have nothing to complain about. Although they might not have been polite nor thorough, the dentist did not commit malpractice by anyone's definition.

You went for a specific problem and they fixed it. Then something completely unrelated blew up. Often times infected nerve problems show no signs on x-rays. Unless they charged your for a complete exam and took x-rays of all teeth, they had no duty nor responsibility to tell you of problems in the rest of your mouth.

When new patients come in to fix a broken filling, they often ask me, "How does the rest of my mouth look?" I tell them, "There is no way to know until I do an x-ray series and complete exam, which is a long appointment." Antibiotics alone often don't eliminate infections completely.

You should probably try to have the root canal done on the upper left within 3 weeks, even if you have to go to another dentist. It is a bad idea to go to corporate dental chains instead of regular dentists.

@Seasoned Dentist

I appreciate your feedback, but at the end of August when they discovered my original cavity that I got the filling for, they had done an entire set of X-ray. They then signed off on military documentation (like they do every six months for me) that I was cleared and deployable.

There is no way that my tooth rots like that so excessively in the means of a month. I just returned from a military deployment in February (2018) and had my checkup/X-ray/cleaning all done. They said I had cavity. I got cavity filled.

I then had pain. I went in today, they tell me it’s not the filling that is causing the issues it’s the tooth in front of it. But they looked into my mouth with a light, and failed to mention a giant block spot indicating a rotting tooth. They signed off on MILITARY PAPERWORK in August that I was CLEARED.

Again, x-rays were taken in August of this year. My tooth did not rot this bad in a month.

@Angelina DiBacco

You are right, Angelina. If you had a complete set of x-ray and exam for military clearance, they should have caught it.

A cavity does not happen overnight. Quite frequently I find that back teeth that had white plastic fillings need root canals later. Why? The etchants for the plastic fillings are very acidic, and can irritate the nerve.

Also white plastic fillings leak badly so bacteria can enter under the filling and cause pulp irritation. In most cases silver amalgam fillings are better for back teeth.