In april of 2018 I was given epinephrine after telling them that I couldn't have epinephrine.I specified on the paperwork that they gave me to fill out that I couldn't have epinephrine. When I got my crown prep Dr Bates administered epinephrine to me anyway without my knowledge and I had a severe reaction to it.

It was an experience that I should not have had to endure. I expect compensation for the negligence of Dr Bates.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What was your severe reaction? The only one I ever see from sensitive patients is a rapid pulse simulating a panic attack.

Nothing life threatening.Here is the fact. There is NO anesthetic TOTALLY FREE OF EPINEPHRINE that works worth a darn. Your only option is no epinephrine and endure some pain.On sensitive patients, I use Marcaine which has half the epinephrine that lidocaine does. And I am careful with the amount I give.

Never had a problem with it.When medical doctors (who don't know much about dentistry) tell me a patient can't have any epinephrine, I tell them that I just can't treat the patient.

Oral surgeons even numb up patients who are having general anesthesia. By the way, epinephrine (also called adrenaline) is a natural substance produced by the human body.Regardless, you are taking a health risk going to a sleazy place like A$pen for dental treatment.

to Seasoned Dentist #1494044

I couldnt breath and my whole body was shaking very bad. This is not the first time and there is something else thats works.

I know. I have had something else and it worked fine so dont tell me because I have experienced it.

And I am 70 yrs old and It is my chose to never experience what happened again. If a dentist gives me ephinehine When I tell them not to then there is a problem.

to Anonymous #1494118

Many times as patients get older we can do fillings in them without numbing them. As I said, anesthetics with no epinephrine like Carbocaine and Prilocaine do not work very well on the average patient. Every human is different.Yours is a sensitivity problem and not an allergic reaction.

to Seasoned Dentist #1494326


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