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I would like to start off by saying I came to Aspen Dental as a second opinion. I was previously told that my molar tooth could not be saved.

Already had a root canal. Had a chip on the side. Was told it was cracked and could not be saved. Went to Aspen and Dr Levine said it could be saved.

It had a lesion near the root and that is what the previous dentist thought was a crack. Well, I asked him are you sure? He said Absolutely! We'll put a crown on it and be good to go.

I went there on July 14th.

Dr Levine prepared it for a temporary crown. Said it would take a couple of weeks to have permanent one made. Even then before he started, I asked again if he was sure about saving the tooth. I told him it was sensitive and couldn't chew on that side anyway.

He said the gums were sore and that was what I was experiencing. He asked me Well does it hurt?, I said No, he said OK then. It is ok. So he proceeded to put temporary crown on.

After that procedure, he said sometimes a temporary will come off, but don't panic, it's ok, you've had a root canal on that tooth so it won't hurt you. Just come back in the office and we'll reattach it.You don't need to go to the emergency room. (Which I thought was odd he would say that. He even told me about a particular patient that did that and thought it was ridiculous) This procedure was done on a Tuesday.

By Thursday if felt loose. And hurt somewhat. By Friday, The temporary crown came off! 3 Days later!

When it came off, that's is when the very intense pain started. It was after hours at their office, so I called the emergency number they provided. I called 4 times Friday night. Each time the answering service said they were paging the Doctor but not returning the call.

I was in so much pain I was moaning, crying, the worst pain I've ever been in. Ever!! No Doctor to talk to. Nothing!

The next day , Saturday morning, I called the emergency number again. No Response! I had to have some relief. The answering service told me since they could'nt get a Doctor to respond, to go to the emergency room.

Well that's what I did. They gave some medication. Ended up not helping at all. Keep in mind I still was calling the emergency number for Aspen to try and get someone to call me back.

No One Did!! The next day, Sunday, I went back to the emergency room for a second time. They gave me 3 shots! Nothing worked.

The pain was so bad and intense I didn't think I would make it thru it. All I could think about was Monday morning when Aspen's office opened at 8 o clock. I literally was counting the hours till then. I had been in excruciating pain since Friday.

Couldn't eat. Couldn't sleep! I was there before they opened. Could barely compose myself because of the pain.

The woman that helped me, forgot her name, but can find out, asked why I was there. Told her and she had the nerve to say, Ma'me no need to talk to me mean. Are you kidding me? I told her I have been trying to get in touch with a Doctor all weekend and nobody ever returned my calls!!

She says , Well I will check into that. Really?? OH OK!! So they finally took me in the back, had to take another x ray, which was very difficult because of the pain.Finally got it.

I was crying pretty bad at this point. Dr Levine came out. He certainly saw how much pain I was in. He says, there's nothing I can do, you will have to see a oral surgeon.I said WHAT?!!

You can't help me at all? He said . I can't do what I'm not capable of doing. If you had a heart attack, I can't perform heart surgery!

I could not believe my ears!!! I waited and waited thinking I would get some relief of the pain, at least that! He ordered some Methylprednisolone . That was it!

No pain medication, no shot to ease my suffering just a little. NOTHING!! They tried to get me an appointment with a oral surgeon but that was a joke also. I kept asking can't you help me with something.

Everyone in that office turned a blind eye. I ended up leaving there to fend for myself. I went home and literally called 10 dentisits that might help me. I did get to see 1 on emergency visit.

They took x-rays and they were appauled that Dr Levine and the whole staff allowed me to go home like this.The infection was extensive. This Dentist also recommended to remove tooth. I was able to get an emergency appointment with my previous Dentist that told me the tooth could not be saved. Went there, they took a 3D scan/xray of the tooth.

After diagnosing the x-ray, it showed a crack right in the middle of the tooth. Now remember Dr Levine took an x-ray this same day also. He must have seen that. Or seen it previously before attempting to put a crown on it.

Even if he did not, he said he saw a lesion on it next to the root, that should have been addressed first before putting on a crown. By doing his procedure on July 14th severely aggravated an already infected cracked tooth!

My previous dentist, assured me the tooth needed coming out. The infection was right on the nerve and couldn't believe I had endured this kind of pain for so long!

I did not want to lose that tooth! But because of Dr Levine's misdiagnosis and the severe pain I had to deal with for 4 days and no one to help me at that office, especially from th emergency number they have you call, and oh Dr Levine said that the answering service did not have the correct Doctor's information.

They were calling a Doctor that doesn't work there any longer. I could not believe he told me that. How incompetent is that? By all means, whoever in charge to keep up with that, should make sure at all times that is updated!!!

What I have been thru is really undescribable.

How a Dental Facility can treat their patients the way I way treated is actually criminal.!!

This is an ordeal I won't soon forget!!

I expect compensation for what I went thru. I want a credit to my account.

There will be no further treatments for me there. What they did, did not work!!!

User's recommendation: Do NOT Go.

Monetary Loss: $697.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Cons: Worst, Lack of professionalism.

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LOL! Calling a joint like Aspen for a 2nd opinion!

Now that is really funny. That is like asking a kindergarten teacher to verify Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Dentists come and go at Aspen Organized Crime Syndicate like flies on a fresh dog turd. They can't change the emergency numbers on the answering machine fast enough to keep up.

Cracks are hard enough for seasoned dentists like me to diagnose. No way newbies like the ones who work for A$pen could figure out what is really going on.

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