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Nothing is free with them! The receptionists are not personable.

Although Aspen Dental claims your first visit is free, you will end up paying in the long run! I received an Extraction and a Deep Cleaning-(Over $800 for the deep cleaning!!!)- really can't imagine why it cost that much. I agreed to financing because that would fit my budget. BUT I HAD TO PAY ASPEN DENTAL OVER $193.00 out-of-pocket that wasn't included in the financing.

So, I' m paying $1300 for the Extraction and a Deep Cleaning!!!! Smh!! Do not believe their HYPE ABOUT ANY SERVICES BEING FREE!!!. What I think is that the x-rays they took during my initial visit (which they said I would not be charged) had to be included in the over $1300!!!

Stay far away from Aspen Dental, it's a ripoff!!! I told that to one of the receptionist when I went in to pay the out-of-pocket expense!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1308599

The only thing you will get free from aspen dental is a sore rear from getting bent over by them. Everything at aspen dental is a fraud. If you hear " we need to deep clean you" , you know they are lying and a planning to deep clean more than your gums.


A$pen scams make Bernie Madeoff look like a rank amateur.

They have already been nailed by a state Attorney General for charging for things they advertise as free. A$pen just pays the obligatory fine, and goes back to doing the same thing.

Lawsuits, settlements, and fines are just a cost of doing business for these crooks. You know the owners are private equity investors and no dentists, don't you?

Dentists who own their own practices have skin the game and HAVE to satisfy patients- or they go out of business.

A$pen, on the other hand, gets a steady supply of suckers from their TV ads. So they are free to bilk every new patient out of all the money they can.

The only Deep Cleaning A$pen is good at is deep-cleaning your wallet!

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1308278

Dental mills like Aspen like to "upsell" you for various and sundry procedures. In your case, unless you have periodontal disease, a "deep cleaning" as they call it, is unnecessary.

They make alot of money doing this procedure. Find another dentist and get a second opinion.

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