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I have been going to Aspen for the past three years. I have had my, or my husband's, appointments changed or cancelled six times.

For one appt I was two miles from the office and got a call to cancel my appt. The reason I will not go back is that they are not sanitary. On my last visit, I noticed that the handles on the light were not covered for each patient That handle was touched by the techs and dentist when they worked with all of the patients before me. The dentist we had before Aspen covered the handle with a new plastic cover before starting work on each patient.

This is a "health" concern and the problem should be taken care of. Another complaint is the lack of organization.

We have gone to two different Aspen offices and one was just as bad as the other which I assume is attributed to "no or little" training. WILL NOT GO BACK!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #1256536

Lady, you mistake the offices of A$pen Dental Crime Syndicate for private dental offices that have the mission of caring for patient health. The A$pen model is of greedy Wall Street investors owning dental clinics (illegally in most states) and using them to empty patients' pocketbooks.

In no way do A$pen offices, or any other corporate dental chain for that matter, resemble private practices like mine.

Why you chose to endanger your family's health for three years is a mystery. It's not like there aren't good dentists in private practice all over the place.

You can visit thirty more A$pen offices, and you won't find anything different. It is the corporate business model that is at fault, not the individual offices.

With corporate dental clinics, they don't exist for your benefit, you exist totally for their benefit. That's why they can cancel your appointment at a moment's notice if a more lucrative patient-victim walks in the door.

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