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Aspen Dental in Washington PA came up with a treatment plan for me and a line of credit was established. I had work completed on my upper arch which included extractions and a temp denture.

I had no work done on the bottom. I also never went and got a permanent denture. After about nine months they refunded money from the credit line and I thought all was good since I did not finish the treatment plan. A year after I had work done they sent me a bill.

Unable to get them to understand they did not provide the services they billed me for. They now have turned me into collections and disputing the debt will still cause the debt to be listed on my credit report so I paid the bill to save my credit. I plan to pursue an insurance fraud claim as they billed my insurance for work not done. I could not even get them to take off the charge for an extraction of tooth 19 (which is still in my mouth).

They claim the date of service for my permanent denture was the day I had my teeth pulled.

Which is BS because you have to wait six months till your gums heal and shrink which is information you can find on their website. SHADY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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FYI, the legal billing date for crowns, bridges, partial, or full dentures is the date the final impression was made. Not performing treatment yet never prevented A$pen from billing for it.

Especially at the end of the month, when a little bit more revenues would push the over the goal and give the office girls bonuses! You are darn right this is a shady outfit.

That is why it has been slammed by FOUR state attorneys-general already. They just pay the fines and keep up the scams.

to Seasoned Dentist #1630640

Just saw a ppt that went to aspen to extract one non-restorable tooth. He left with a $5,500 tx plan and a request to sign for the whole thing up front. Leave it to aspen dental to slip it to a person in pain over a tooth that any dentist could remove in a few minutes.

to Watch out #1630876

What crook of a dentist demands all the money up front for treatment that will be performed over months? No friends of mine.

This outfit is the crown prince of swindling. There is no limits to the depths of depravity Wall Street *** will go to earn 20% ROI.

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