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Terrible!! Dr.

Wakim is the worst dentist. The oral surgeon Dr. Desmond Brown caused extensive nerve damage. Dr.

Wakim would not help me and continued to watch me suffer. After going to a specialist, I was told I have extensive, permanent nerve damage from the extractions! If they would have treated me for the nerve damage after the surgery, it could have been minimized or eliminated. I am on multiple medications for the rest of my life because for their lack of follow-up care.

My condition is known as one of the most painful conditions known to the medical community.

All of this could have been avoided had Dr. Wakim of provided proper treatment after the procedure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lack of follow up care.

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Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1284776

Aspen severly damaged by bank account when i went there.

South Bend, Indiana, United States #1283853

Thank you for your response. I have been to Rush Hosptial in Chicago and they are the ones that educated me about the Medrol.

Yes, it is in fact used for nerve damage. I woke up during the procedure with an electric like shocking pain, then the nurse put me back to sleep. When I woke up I was told the surgeon could not get around a nerve so I would have numbness. The pain became simply unbearable the first day.

I explained to the follow-up dentist time after time where the pain was coming from and there was intense burning on top of that. So yes, nerve damage should have been suspected. I did not know until after the procedure that Aspen Dental was a management company. I thought they where a dental group.

I am trying to educated people about the dangers of going to these places as well as avoiding the practice.

As I type I am still in unrelenting pain and it is about to be two years. Thanks once again for your input.


You are correct in my choosing a dentist. I thought it was a chain of dentist in a dental firm.

It is not. Aspen is just a management company. If nerve damage is suspected, it is pertinent that a person begin taking Medrol. This has to be taken as soon as nerve damage is suspected.

It was too late. I feel that he totally ignored how serious it is. It was so bad all I could do was cry and shake all day.

I had no idea who to turn to. I couldn't think clearly or even function to take my children to school.

to hayangle2 #1283826

First of all, dentists don't know there is nerve damage until a couple days after the surgery. Second of all Medrol is a steroid anti-inflammatory.

I have never heard of it repairing or even minimizing nerve damage. At most, it reduces inflamation. It is not a fertilizer for damaged nerve ends.

My heart goes out to you. Yours case is one more reason I discourage patients from extracting their teeth.

(Except wisdom teeth.) I do tons of surgery, and have not had a case of permanent nerve damage in 40 years of practice.

Nobody but the most desperate dentists will work for chains like A$pen.

They claim to State Boards they are only a management company, but it is a lie. The dentists who front as owners of practices don't own a thing except a shell corporation.


What kind of treatment could Dr. Walkim have provided that would have prevented the post-op nerve damage?

I have been in practice for more than 35 years and do not know of any such treatment. About all you can do is leave it alone and let the separated nerve endings try to reunite.

You cannot know if the nerve damage is permanent for a long time.

Usually the feeling comes back in 6 months or less, but sometimes it can take up to a year.

Nerve damage is always a risk of tooth extraction. They did not tell you this?

Nevertheless, you made a bad mistake choosing a dental chain owned by greedy Wall Street investors rather than dentists.

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