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I would like to add yet another pissed review to the Aspen Dental complaints. I just called because I had to cancel an appointment I had made before reading these reviews.

I was told there was no record of me having an appointment there for that date!!! I just laughed and hung up the phone. They are pathetic!

I would've been even more pissed had I gone all the way there, via train and then foot, to be told I had no appointment. They really stink (I wanted to use a stronger word here but know I can't!)

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Dentists can buy into the practice. All dentists and office managers get a percentage of the profit.

I didn't have it in me to rip people off so I quit.


I had no idea how bad this outfit was I can't think of enough ways to notify people that might fall for their trap.

Very nice up front but beware of service.


I went to the aspen because of their tv adds and seamed pleasant, but really they are a business trying to make money. Like many other reviews i read, they said i needed deep scaling, i had six cavities....after my first cleaning, i had the scaling and then two fillings, I had to return to have some of the filling removed they put so much in the tooth I couldnt shut my front teeth.

(when i asked at the time of the visit they said it was the the novacaine i was feeling and it would wear off. three days later I returned to have yet another dentist drill out some of the filling and wondered who did it...DUH I then broke a tooth and they told me a root canal was needed and oh the other dentist were not up to company standards and she was sorry (she was on maternity leave at the time. I saw three different dentists in that office) so now I also needed two root canals and a couple caps. weel after paying 650.

out of pocket and then they said they wanted another 2500. I couldnt get my treatment plan (probably because they would be givving away their secrets) but yet I had to pay to get a copy of my xrays (that I already paid for ? ) and low and behold the day I picked up my xrays 3 other customers within ten minutes needed root canals.

I went to a normal dentist who filled my broken tooth and said I didnt have 6 cav I didnt need any caps or root canals and why did they take so many xrays on the same day. So yeah im pissed....anyone who reads this dont even walk into Aspen I hope these people can sleep at night.


i had an appointment until i read the reviews, then cancelled. i had a feeling they were a rip-off outfit. my wife got ripped off like that a few years back and she is still paying


Lol. good luck with that filling.

most of the time private dentist will only do fillings on crack teeth to get more money in the long run. Fillings on crack/chipped tooth usually last a couple years if that lucky. by then the filling start coming off, the root of tooth will decay (oh fyi you will be in pain at this point). the dentist will attemp for root canal but by this point it usually wont work.

so then you would need a tooth extraction & have either a partial denture put in or an implanted crown (either way you be spending lots of money to fix the new gap you will have).

I hope your rich & like pain in the long run. Enjoy.


Its not the dentist fault. The company is owned by business men and women who SOME dont know anything about dentistry.

So thetefore the dentist dont work for themselves or have their own rules.

They have to follow what the company wants or says. Just had to put it out there cause I know they do good work!


i had *** in my molar from when i cracked it and at the time of day they were the only ones open so i went to get an x-ray. they said i was going to need a root canal for that tooth and then went on to say i had the start of gum disease, that i would need a deep scaling instead of a cleaning and then that i would need braces to close the small gap between my 2 front teeth that i have always had...

all of which was quoted at $3500... the next week i went to the dentist that was covered by my insurance and i did not need a root canal, it was fixed with a filling, had a regular cleaning and everything was removed and was told that i had nice healthy gums!!! how a dentist can even suggest treatment to a problem that you dont even have is beyond me!!

they are scam artist! i will never go there again and i am looking into reporting them!!!


who the *** can afford them...


Find a real dentist - fast! They quoted me 4900.00 for some work I didn't need at all.

I went to a regular dentist and everything Aspen had told me was a lie! They said I had gum disease, needed root canals, etc etc. There are no words to describe them. Now they sent me an offer for 25% off services which I didn't follow up with that they said I needed.


But it is no joke, so BEWARE! :(

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