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I find it very odd my previous unfavorable review seems to have disappeared.

I received a full upper and partial lower. My previous dentures had lasted for about 10 years. This product was of very very poor quality. When I discussed my concerns with the young dentist she continually replied “this how we did it in dental school”. “I never saw anything thing like this in dental school”. I returned the partial then and there. I needed to keep the upper for awhile until I can find something else. Since I currently can barely chew I called today regarding an adjustment. I was immediately chastised for writing the previous unfavorable review. Also if I went to another dentist just for an adjustment my warranty would be void. So my choices are return to a very hostile environment or simply chew with pain.

Cost is another issue. I am retired, handicapped and do not drive. So when I paid $7.20 each time I took the handicap bus. Or over $10 for an independent person. All these costs adds up when one is on social security. I am retired however my time also has value.

The Aspen Dental office double and triple book appointments. My case this impacted me personally. When getting a filling the dentist administered the novicane. By the time she returned the novicane had worn out and required giving me a second one. Gosh transportation costs. Time costs(even though I am retired my time is still valuable). Additional pain due to neglecte in administrating timely service.

And now suffering with dentures I can’t eat with. My quality of life has diminished significantly.

Certainly a refund was offered for the dentures. What about the refund to me this whole ordeal has caused.

Let’s see if this review mysteriously disappears like the previous one

AGAIN I SAY BUYER BEWARE. not just for the finished product but for the actions of Aspen Dentall

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Good dentures and partial are very difficult and expensive to make. They aren't cheap.

Bottom line is no dentist, no matter how good, can make good partial and full dentures at this chop shop with the supplies, instruments, and crummy labs they have to use.You are right about them triple booking.

The young dentists can't even handle a schedule of one patient at a time, much less three. Inexperienced young dentists and an overbooked schedule is not conducive to good dental care.Maybe an independent dentist can reline them to make them comfortable enough to wear.


Bite the bullet, so to speak and find a dentist in private practice in your area. Far too many complaints about Aspen to feel comfortable about going there.

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