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There is just so much wrong with the billing and workmanship of Aspen Dental !!!! Bottom line , they stole $2200.00 from me and my family and butchered my upper jaw bone and destroy my gums, I was in extreme pain for the first 3 weeks and had considerable pain up to 8 weeks...I paid a total of $4100.00 of which I need to call Visa to dispute $700.00 that I paid yesterday before I complained about their dentist being *** poor at removing teeth and then they asked me to leave without my permanent dentures and refused to refund the unused amount of $2200.00 ...

Stuck with my temp dentures, that do not fit well for now because I just do not have the money. I am looking into a class action law because I believe that You may not win alone in court alone.... Its hard for a judge to ignore hundreds or thousands of complains. I do have document from my Oral Surgeon stating that my gums and bone damage looks horrible...


I will never Again pay in advance for any service until its finisheded!!! Sign, Cheated 26 Year Military Veteran ......

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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What??? I thought they gave veterans all sorts of free treatment!

That is what their PR stunts show!No honest dentist charges for treatment IN ADVANCE of when it is done. That is fraud right there.Perhaps an honest independent dentist can put tissue conditioner in your A$pen Dentures to make them comfortable for you during healing.Good luck with a lawsuit, but A$pen has a lot of very good lawyers because they are sued all the time.

Your best bet it to complain to your state attorney general. Since A$pen is illegally owned by investors instead of dentists in most states, Boards of Dentistry can do little to help you.

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