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Aspen Dental is not a Dentist owned business. They are a Corporation that hires Dentists.

They have a business plan that operates around getting $450 cash from each client on their initial visit and using financing as a tool to keep customers. I went to my first AD in Texas and at my first, usually free cleaning, I was presented with an estimate of $450 which included an electric tooth brush, which I already owned, a bottle of $85 fluoride rinse, and other assorted items that brought the total up to that horrific total. I was on a very limited income being a disabled Veteran, and had to refuse all or most of it and never went there again. Until I went to Pace Dental in Florida.

They apparently had been acquired by AD and were not quite ready to tell people yet. My free cleaning was cancelled halfway through because the hygienist said I had swollen gums and needed a deep cleaning, which was going to cost... yes, $450. I didn't have the funds, so I made the appointment 2 months out.

Between that time, I was searching the internet to find their number, and it kept going to Aspen Dental's site. This led me to find out that had been acquired by them and what was going on. Their staff was surreptitiously creating more work and income. I cancelled the cleaning, and now I am looking for a new Dentist.

I would not recommend this company. They have questionable staff and Dentists.

User's recommendation: If you go to a new Dentist office, ask if they are a part of the Aspen Dental chain, If you don't already know by their name.

Location: Pensacola, Florida

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You are one of the few smart patients to figure this scam out. Bet you did not know Aspen has been busted by 4 state attorneys-general.

When you look for a new dentist, make sure the new on owns his own practice.

There are still plenty of guys like that. Best bet are ex-military dentists who still use silver amalgam for fillings on back teeth.

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