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I went to Aspen Dental in Bourbonnais, IL to have a tooth pulled. Dr. Chowhan is a joke as dentist go. First she has no idea how to use novacain. My entire mouth was numb and swolled EXCEPT for the area all around the inflamed tooth. She kept giving me shot after shot because she didn't know what she was doing and then she would wander off and not come back for 45 minutes after which time the novacane had worn off. She was a NAZI about ensuring I had as much pain as possible. Then when she pulled the tooth, she damaged the teeth on each side of it. And actually said it was my fault for moving my head when she caused over the top pain!! Then she tells me to go home and take asprin for the pain!!

I filed a complaint with the so called customer satisfaction department who said they would get back to me.

Instead I get an email for CHOWHAN the Dental NAZI blaming me for my pain and practically accusing me of being a drug addict. Yea, I spent all that money and had CHOWHAN the Dental NAZI pull my tooth, damage two other teeth just to get a prescription for pain pills.

Skip going to CHOWHAN the Dental NAZI at ASPEN DENTAL BOURBONNAIS and go to a real dentist.

I saw the video on line of what CHOWHAN the Dental NAZI did to the woman with all the crowns and I am forwarding the email Chowhan sent me to her so she can give it to her ATTORNEY. I hope she sues ASPEN for everything and gets CHOWHANS license revoked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

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Please contact about your experience with Aspen Dental in Bourbonnais. I am gathering information to write a Human Interest story about the problems at this office and the unfortunate people who suffered because of those problems.

This is NOT a scam. I will supply youwith proof of ID and my creds.


Did the other lady the one w/the vid ever get anything fixed? still in pain?


Didn't the Nazi's torture people by drilling into exposed nerves in their teeth?? Sounds appropriate to me for what this guy is doing to patients.


I can't comment on what happened to you at the Bourbonnais office except to express my sympathies. A better forum for your anger would be to call 1800aspendental.

Press 1 then 0 til you get a customer service rep then ask for the corporate switchboard. You will get a recording, press the option that allows you to dial a name and dial in the last name Connor (Rob) or Fontana (Bob) and you will speak to someone who can actually assist you.

I hope that you found relief from your dental issues and that you are no longer in pain. If you are still in pain there are many good dentists out there that could possible assist you.


8) Ok we get the point this Chowhan Iqbal is a BAD dentist and she has scared or if you like struck terror into the soul of her patient BUT that doesn't make her a terrorist and you got to admit given her last name, it's kind of racial profiling dude. She's a crappy doctor but not a terrorist. Ok yea and I admit she isn't helping out the little American by buying cheap dental products overseas but still not a Nazi.


I saw the video of what she did to that Manteno woman right b4 her wedding. I work at the Target right next to this place and all of us have decided to get out and spread the word about Aspen Dental and Dr. Chowhan Iqbal.

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