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Went in for an extraction pf my bottom left molar. They numbed it, but I could still feel everything with that tooth.

So they gave me more numbing medicine, and I could still feel intense pain. I heard a crack and a jolt of pain seared through my body and I nearly lept out of the chair. They stopped the procedure and scheduled me to have the tooth extracted under sedation in two weeks. I was in so much pain at this point, and no one seemed to care.

So I immediately went to have an emergency extraction at another place. Aspen dental is a large corporation with thousands of patients. They will do just fine financially without me and my familu as their patients, so it doesnt matter to them if they hurt me. They have a team of well funded lawyers to protect them from accountability, so its really not a suprise this happened to me.

But I just want to let everyone know Aspen Dental is horrible. If you are thinking of going there, you should absolutely reconsider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What if you took care of your teeth and saved them instead of having them extracted? Easy to blame the big company, hard to hold yourself responsible




How do you know she didn't? Easy to hide behind a "anonymous" screen name.

I have HORRIBLE teeth no fault of my own. I had JRA since I was 3. My parents chose to NOT give me ANY Medical Care growing up. Consequently the JRA took all the enamel for my teeth leaving them hollow inside.

After MULTIPLE procedures, root canals, caps etc... I finally had to have all my top extracted and I wear dentures and I have partials for my bottom. I tried Aspen years ago and had a horrible experience. Had 3 different dentists in less than a year.

No thank you. I need to be able to trust my dentist and if they constantly change I can't develop trust. I changed to a private dentist in my small town. I LOVE him!

Don't "assume" you know someone isn't taking care of their teeth.

I NEVER had ever seen a dentist until I was 21 years old thanks to my parents. So you never know what a person has gone thru!


Aspen didn't promise they would fix you problem, only told you how much it would cost and took you money. As far as aspen is concerned you are own your own.


You were very unwise to have a molar tooth extracted instead of saving it. A very few times complete anesthesia is impossible to attain.

It happens in my dental practice about twice a year. That is what happens when you wait until it hurts to go to the dentist. Our local anesthetic sometimes does not work well in infection. Infected areas have a lower tissue pH and anesthetics don't work in those conditions.

That being said, you are right about the terrible morals of Aspen Dental are right on the money. The executives who run the operation would steal from their own grandmothers.


You're right. I really should have tried to save it.

However, since the market solution to healthcare doesn't work, money was the main reason I waited so long to have the tooth taken care of. Fortunately, I have very good dental insurance now and am able to see a family dentistry practice on a regular basis and prevent this from happening again.


So you made a choice to take the tooth out, and now you complain that this is Aspen dental fault. You probable have a cell phone, cable tv, smoke and have money to go out and eat.

However, when it comes to health care you feel entitled. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

Your life will get better. Nobody owes you anything and you have to love with your life choices


yes. everyone is entitled to healthcare.

it's a basic human right. And since we as a country disagree with this position, I am forced into a market based system, and as a consumer I absolutely have a right to complain when I pay for goods and services and those goods and services are poor.

No matter how you look at it, even with your sanctimonious platitudes about the lifestyles of others, people have a right to complain and warn others in a market system. We all owe it to ourselves to make our lives better any way we can and warning others about a company who does not care about their clients is what we are doing here.


How very rude of you to speak to anyone this way.


Are you kidding me?


LOL! You say "Everyone is ENTITLED to health care." Typical millenial non-thinking.

What is health care? The LABOR of other human beings. You say you have the RIGHT to the LABOR of other human beings? Do you believe in slavery, then?

Because that is what slave owners thought- they had the right to the right of other human beings. You don't have the right to anything except liberties, lady.

Stupid Obama voter. Move to Canada and wait in line for "free" health care.


Politics aside, the point of my review is to warn other patients to avoid this provider. I understand that heathcare isnt "free" and as a taxpayer and free market consumer, I have both the right and moral duty to give feedback of the commodities I consume.

That said, Aspen Dental is a harmful entity.

I gave reasons why I believe so in my written and video review. With that, I leave the decision on what to do and what to believe with the community here.


They are not the only bad dentist.It is so hard nowadays to find a good affordable dentist you can trust.I actually fly three hours each way to see the one I go to.After being malpractice on many times I will never go to a different one.Dr.Mike you are the best.


Sound advice from the numerous complaints about Aspen I have seen. Always best to go to a local dentist in private practice rather then a dental mill like Aspen.