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Just a couple days before my appointment they call and cancel! When will the next appointment be available??

DECEMBER! his is AUGUST - are they *** ME??? This isn't the first time they have pulled this kind of *** Screw them - IO'll go somewhere where my business is really needed! IF YOU CAN get an appointment that isn't CANCELLED, the staff is friendly and seems trained.

Its the *** POOR MANAGEMENT that needs correcting! This company should be passed off as one *** up company that could give two rat *** about its customers!

As far as I am concerned they have seen the last of my family and myself. Good by and good riddance Aspen Dental!

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We have an appointment open next week if you want it. Call us at 1 800 who-cares. We don't need you money.


The only way A$pen sees patients is cash cows that should be emptied of all available cash. A$pen's Smart Scheduling System (SSS) ranks procedures according to profitability.

If a patient calls with a more profitable procedure wanting an appointment, they just book that patient, and cancel someone else's appointment with a less profitable procedure. Low-ranking procedures are denture adjustments, post-ops, small fillings, etc.

Remember A$pen is NOT owned by dentist like they advertise to regulatory authorities, but by a Wall Street private equity group, Leonard Green & Partners. Don't expect them to give a flip about patient welfare, because they don't!

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