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Highly dissatisfied with Aspen Dental and my family didn’t even make it through the front door. We are new in town and made appointments for my children to be seen for their cleanings that were due.

Booking the appointment was easy and they said it was no problem to have cleanings done on first visit. Two days before the appointment a local rep called to confirm the appointment. I did not catch her name, but she was RUDE!

She stated, “I called to confirm your appointment and bust your bubble that we do not do cleanings on the first visit. We take xrays and that’s it.

So do you want the appointment or not?” I tried to explain that is not what I was told when I made the appointment.

She responded, “they will tell you anything that’s why I have the job of calling and setting you straight.” I said, “well, I am second guessing if Aspen Dental wants my family’s business.”

She responded, “that’s your right.”

Needless to say I cancelled the appointment. I have never been treated so poorly when starting a new relationship with a business. Dental work is stressful enough alone and no one needs to add to that! Beware of Aspen Dental unless you are looking to be talked to like a dog, be lied too, and deal with people who are money driven not patient driven.

I would not take my dog for treatment!

Try a local family owned dentistry instead. You will thank me later!

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It is not normal to do cleanings on the first appointment with ADULT new patients. However, exams are easier on kids, so we usually do exams, x-rays, cleanings AND fluoride treatments on children the first visit. My question is this: What were you thinking when you decided Aspen was a good place to take your precious children for treatment?

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