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I went to Aspen Dental in Carrollton on Thursday April 5th for a free exam and cobsuktation for implants. The X-ray tech was very nice as well as the staff.

When the dentist spoke to me, he answered all my questions and told me the procedure would take 1 day. He never did a CT scan to find out the integrity of my jaw bone, but assured me where the implants would be placed. I spoke to the office manager who went over the numbers with me. Something felt wrong.

I knew my dental insurance did not cover bone grafting or implants, yet they were quoting me 50% after insurance paid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about reduced cost, but knew my insurance wouldn’t cover what they were estimating and I would be stuck with a $3000 bill. I called my private dentist, who is out of network now and his office set me up a consultation. Although he was more, I decided to go with him.

I believe that Aspen wants you to think it will be cheaper than it actually is and once your procedure is complete, you’re stuck with a much higher bill. Be aware and know your benefits before going to Aspen for a consuktation for implants.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Dang! You even CONSIDERED letting a corporate chop shop like A$pen do a complicated thing like implants on you???

Man, that would like going to a Jiffy Lube to have a turbofan jet engine rebuilt. Not the right place for the job, Sam!Patients are so mesmorized by an office being on some "in-network" insurance list. Don't you know that only the most desperate and inexperienced dentists sign up to be on this list? Are these the guys you REALLY would want accurately implant a piece of titanium in your jaw????OF COURSE NOT!

This A$pen joker would have put the cheapest implant on the market in your jaw by guessing the correct location. You would not have been able to have a screw-retained implant crown, which is ideal.For heaven's sake go with a competent dentist instead of a flim-flam joint like A$pen for super-critical dental treatment like this!

to Seasoned Dentist #1471292

My review is only that, a review. If you read my review, it stated that I only went there for a free consultation before going to my regular dentist.

I am aware of how to take care of myself...and my car.

Thanks for your input tho. It was really appreciated

to Anonymous #1472618

Good thing you trusted your instinct! Good luck with your implants. When it is all done months from now, you will enjoy having more teeth to chew on.


Aspen dentil will always jerk that money out of your hand first before the treatment. Everyone who goes to aspen dental is stuck with junk work and a huge bill for crap.

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