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Beware! The offer of a free initial visit enticed me to schedule a routine teeth cleaning.

While the staff was very friendly and seemingly professional, it took 2 hours for my initial visit for x-rays, hygienist, dentist and office manager to present me with an estimate of over $1,800.00 to have my teeth cleaned. The hygienist had informed me I had significant bone loss and pockets and would need a comprehensive deep cleaning once and then return for a routine cleaning treatment plan. The dentist told me I had a cavity that didn't show up on the x-rays. Didn't take long to see red flags and I decided I would call around for recommendations and after several glowing recommendations visited Yancey Dental in Newnan.

Hallelujah! No cavity, no bone loss, no gum disease just a good cleaning by a great hygienist and thorough exam by a professional and caring dentist.

Was definitely worth the cost of bite wings, full mouth x-rays and cleaning at a MERE fraction of what Aspen Dental tried to charge me. Not surprising that Aspen Dental's Facebook page does not permit any reviews of less than 4 stars!

Review about: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Unnecessary and pricey treatment.

I didn't like: Overpriced treatment plan for non-existent dental conditions.

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A$pen makes "FREE" the most expensive treatment in town!

There famous trick seems to be inventing cavities. I once saw a college student that had been diagnosed with 13 cavities.

I examined him. There were NO cavities in his mouth.

Simple cleanings become scaling and root planing. Simple extractions become surgical extractions. Fillings become crowns.

Everything is upcoded to bring in money for this sleazy corporate clown club.

But you prevented them for shafting you. Congratulations for being an astute patient!

to Seasoned Dentist #1392821

Thanks! Hope the word gets out and future patients do their research!


We really do not appreciate you taking advantage of our free exam offer and then not letting us scam you into expensive and unnecessary treatment!

to AspenManagement #1392826



Good move on your part. It's always best to have dental work done by a dentist in private practice rather than a dental mill like Aspen.

to h.kitchener #1392444

I knew better LOL! Was not pleased with two general dentists we used over past 10 years but have now found a gem!

to sharjones2001 #1392571

That's why they have 2,497 complaints on this site alone. They are tens of thousands more all over the web.

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