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Charlene Duclos

Fri 12/6/2019 2:55 PM

To who this may concern: I recently phoned to make a appt. I poured my heart out,, about my fear of dentist, and I also have anxiety.

At the beginning of conversation I asked about my Insurance, I asked, do you take Commonwealth Health Care Alliance, the woman I spoke to said, Do you pay for insurance? I said yes, I do. After explaining my fears, and she comforted me saying, no worries, basically stated Aspen Dental would take very good care of you. I was happy to know that I might be able to smile, without being so embarassed at Christmas.

So, off to appt. I go. When I arrived at 245 pm, a young girl was working as a receptionist, she greeted me with a smile, said Charlene? I replied yes, Welcome she said.

Then asked for my insurance cards, I handed her My medicare,and the Mass Health card i was given to use on this account. Meanwhile, there was a gentleman sitting in waiting area, and another man standing by me. She looked up at me, and said NO! We don't take Mass Health, and handed my cards to me.

I explained when I made the appt. I asked that question, and the woman said yes we do. I wanted to scream, but after everyone heard her say no, Mass. Health, i figured i was embarassed enough, and out the door I wait.

She did said well, today is free anyways, you can have that, I said no, why bother, I have to start all over again, and find someone to help me. I arrived at home, pulled up my lap top, typed in the Insurance I have, and a question, who can take this insurance? Well, don't you know, Aspen Dental popped up. So, my question is, why are you on the list?

If you want to make people feel like low LIFE'S, well it work's. I spill my guts out, all about my anxiety and this is how you treat people. I think you should, removed your name under their list, and like the girl said, We take Delta, and other private Insurance, but NO, Not Mass Health! Thank's for treating me like this, and Thank's for all your help!!!

Aspen Dental Riverdale Road, West Springfield, was where this appt. was scheduled at.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aspen Dental Pros: I have never been there.

Aspen Dental Cons: Clerks at desk.

  • Worst customer relations service
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Who needs insurance? Aspen dental will put you into a fat juicy credit card loan at outrageous fees/interest rates.

Aspen dental's offices look like cell phone stores instead of health care facilities. Quick money is aspen's only interest in you.


Please don't insult cell phone stores. Aspen dental offices give more the same feeling as run down tobacco stores/liquor stores.


You probably got real crummy insurance if the main dentists that "pop up" for it is Aspen.


"Do you take XXXX insurance" is really not a very good question. How can a dental office know the details of thousands of dental plans?

Never heard of Mass Health. If a patient called me about it, I would tell the PATIENT to bring plan details and an outline of benefits. Only then could I tell the patient anything about it. Dental offices cannot be an insurance plan investigation and explanation services for free.

Why did you hand her your Medicare card? Medicare has never paid for any dental treatment. It has nothing to do with anything dental. The proper thing to do would have been: bring your PLAN OUTLINE OF BENEFITS (NOT just your insurance card) in person to the office.

Then ask, "Can you accept assignment of benefits for this dental plan." Then you can ask if they are a prostituting provider for the plan. WARNING- Dentists on the insurance list are usually not the best ones to go to. They tend to be shysters. The two most important attributes of any dentists is that they are HONEST and COMPETENT.

Whether they are some insurance list is a distant third on the list. What good does it do to go to a preferred provider if he does treatment that is inappropriate or unnecessary?

Aspen is the WORST dental office you could choose.Avoid any corporate dental outfit like Affordable Dentures, Coast, Dental One, Great Expressions, Sage, Western, or an other fleabag clinics. Only use independent dentists who own their practices.