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Bait &;;;; Switch by Chris Trainer at the Columbus, Ohio office. I've left several messages for the office manager, Chris Trainer at the Hilliard Rome location in Columbus.

I had a bridge done recently. I called to cancel prior to my appointment because it was too expensive. The office manager Chris (who was available right away when I wanted to cancel) said that the dentist could do it without doing 2 crowns, and it would be $3000.00 instead of the $4200.00. When I came in for the first temporary bridge, he he assured me he took care of it.

Of course, I trusted him at his word because I've previously had work done at this same location without any problems. He was very adamant that I have this done by 9/30/2021 and took $500.00 off for a "coupon" as incentive. I pulled up my statement from Carecredit and he charged me the full amount of $4200.00. I've left several messages and the receptionist stated that she didn't know why he wasn't calling me back.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed and just want it corrected. I fully intend to escalate this to the BBB and Ohio Attorney General if I am not made whole.

Treating people in such a manner is unacceptable. I have other work I need done, but I don't think I can ever trust the Columbus Office to do any work for me again.

Christy Hessler

User's recommendation: Don't Trust the Office Staff at the Columbus, OH location.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Location: Hilliard, Ohio

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Congratulations for letting a *** corporate dental clinic rip you off. Hardly any real dentists do bridges anymore because it traumatizes the teeth so much.

Implants are the way to replace missing tooth.

The inexperienced young dentists at scummy clinics like Aspen do not know how to do implants. Can't understand patients who think every TV ad they see is the gospel truth.

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