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On Oct 8, 2018 I visited your Brighton, Michigan location to start work for two crowns. Everyone was very nice, the drilling seamed to go well until the novocaine wore off 5 HOURS later. My CHEEK (inside and out), my JAW hurt so bad I had to take ibuprofen. I started with 500mg, that didn't help, when up to 600 mg after 6 hours no much relief. When I got up the next morning I know I was going to be a little sore because of the work the dentist did, but NEVER did I think it would take me an hour to OPEN my mouth just to brush my teeth. The inside of my cheeks was so sore and raw, it was very painful then I looked in the mirror and the whole side of my face was bruised. I was now late for work so I took 800 mg and FINALLY some relief.

I finally got a hold of someone in the dentist office at about 10:30 or 11 am on Tuesday the 9th. I sent them a picture of my face. The office manager called be back and told me the dentist would fit me that day to look at it. And the reason for the pain was because I had a little mouth but he KNEW that from my first visit. I've had drilling work done on my teeth and also cleaned and NEVER get bruised not even when I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out together. Is this what your YOUNGER patients go through because they have small mouths.???????????????????????? I don't think so................. the dentist assistant tugged and pulled and pulled because she wanted my mouth open wider than I could open it myself. There was nothing he was going to do for he bruising so I said just put the picture in my file.

Well it's been over a week my CHEEK AND NECK are still BLACK and BLUE!!!!!! It looks like I've been in a fight or accident. It took 5 days for the swelling to go down and 6 before I could touch my cheek inside and out without PAIN.

I have not gone out in public for over a week, because just at work everyone stares at me and asks me if someone punched me.

I now have 9 days of pictures and I am sure unfortunately the bruising not going to go away anytime soon. I am very upset. I don't know what I'm going to do at this time but my husband thinks I should talk to a lawyer. What do you think??????????????

Please feel free to call me at 517-404-1641

Thank you,

Denise Coppola

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

Reason of review: NOT HAPPY.

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You shouldn't publish personal information on an open internet website. It's kind of like opening your front door wide and putting a neon sign in the yard reading "c'mon in" ....

That clarified, I'm sorry to see what a problem you're having ; been there, done that ! Aspen Dental is one of the most oft-complained companies featured by the users of this site. Five hours in the chair and that bruising are unacceptable.

Follow the advice of the reply by "Seasoned Dentist" and find a private practice ; ask around, talk to friends, go check the places out just to catch the vibe and cleanliness, etc. Good luck.


Wow, Denise! I haven't seen bruising that bad even when I remove impacted wisdom teeth!

Do you perhaps have a clotting disorder? Sometime an artery is hit when the injection is given, which causes a lot of bruising. This is a random chance event and nobody's fault. However, your history of soreness of the cheek does not match with this possible cause.

There are fragile patients we have to be careful with. These patients do not tolerate long difficult procedures well. It would be a good idea to warn future dentists about this. As to lawsuits, the damage will not be permanent, so you will not have a basis for any claims.

Strange things can happen for no good reason. However, please take this as God's warning to STAY OUT OF CORPORATE DENTAL CHAIN OFFICES and stick with independent dentists who own their practices.

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