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When in for a pre exam, it seems to me that these people only see dollar signs. Im a 60 yr old disabled vet.

Went in to request to extract 2 broken teeth n repair partial. I have Humana. By the time I was finished they gave me an 8000. Est.

Which left me with 3000. out of pocket. 1st of all I didnt ask for deep cleaning or to work on my lower half. These people dont listen to the pts needs or affordability, they just see u have insurance, n they want ti dig deep into ur pockets n ur teeth.

Im on a fixed income so how can I afford all these things they say I need. They r milking my insurance n the pts.

This predetermination is unecessary. Very rude n unprofessional!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You might need all the treatment they came up with on that "plan." However, most patients don't. Turning regular cleanings into "'deep scalings and root planings" is this sleazy operation's favorite scam.Look, here is what happens.

You have a garbage insurance plan with a low-paying fee schedule. No hones dentist wants to mess with such plans. Dentists have to turn a profit like any other business. Who messes with garbage plans like Humana?

Thieves like A$pen Dental. To make money, they upcode the treatment you do need and plan all sorts of add-ons to turn a profit.I don't know how much you are paying for this Humana plan.

If nothing, for heaven sakes go out of network to find an honest dentist. If you pay for the plan, drop it, and put the premiums you were paying in a piggy bank designated for dental expenses.By the way, PLEASE get in the habit of practicing prevention so you can save your teeth instead of having them extracted!

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