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they told me that my front fillings needed replaced. i let them do it, my teeth were rough after, i couldn't even *** down when he was done.

i told the dentist of the problems and he said just eat a few meals and it will wear them smooth, they didn't even buff them. then they made the one tooth so wide it was overlapping he other tooth. they never sanded or flossed in between my teeth, I left there is tears and the one filling was so white that it stuck out like a sore thumb. so embarrassing.

I had to so to another dentist first thing the next morning and they had to replace all the fillings again. I called ASPEN dental and told them not to bill my insurance and they told me that they did the work and they would bill them and that they wanted me to go back and let the same dentist fix his mistakes. Seriously????? I tried to get him to fix it the first time and he didn't see anything wrong with it.

you can see from the attached picture how rough the took is on the left, there were big chunks of filling left all over my tooth and see the one on the right overlapping the other tooth, and they wanted me to go back tot he same guy..... WOW

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Portland, Oregon, United States #933983

Be sure to make your insurance carrier aware of what has happened.

to ShariPDX Champaign, Illinois, United States #1257339

Insurance carriers have no enforcement powers. Only boards of dentistry do.

Guess what? Aspen is illegally doing business in most states by virtue of having investors own the clinics and not dentists.

So state boards of dentistry cannot do a thing. You give up all your patient protections when you go to a criminal outfit like Aspen for treatment.

Tennessee, United States #888396

My crown for my top tooth didnt fit and instead of making a new one they wanted to saw down my real bottom tooth just to make the fake crown fit. I was just mind blown at that point.

I refused to let them saw down my real tooth just to make the fake one fit. The dentist was super high on something.

They are just so unprofessional. I will never go back there and I will never recommend it to anyone not even my wost enemy.


Please find us on Facebook and post your story! Look for Aspen Dental Nightmares

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #737568



You have teeth. So many people don't.

Please thank aspen that they have saved you from a life of misery. God bless you.

to Anonymous #737550

I take it youhhave no teeth cause the other person you tried to troll punched them out, right?

to Anonymous Vancouver, Washington, United States #737943

you an ***.

to Anonymous #863828

Yeah, she should thank her lucky stars that at least this time they tried to fill them, however incompetently, and did not try to yank them all out and insert horrible, cheaply-made dentures, like they usually do.

to Seasoned Dentist York, Pennsylvania, United States #888386

That's what's happened to me they pulled a **** load of my teeth and gave me cheap dentures that doesn't even fit right and on top of all that I paid almost 7000 for every thing

to Anonymous #1154197

What do you say to the people who are miserable because Aspen destroyed there teeth.I guess your a Dentice at Aspen.They ruined my front teeth .when I smile I put my head down to hide my teeth.Thanks Aspen for making me wish I was dead.

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