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Went to Aspen several years ago; never again. First time was for teeth cleaning; they did a very quick and indifferent cleaning; as teeth cleaning is not a priority for me, I did not protest or anything.

Second time was a few days later, when my dental implant fell off, and had to have some cement it back on. Foolishly, I went back to them again. The so-called dentist did a quickie job. Having had this happen before, I was very surprised how quickly he did the job.

But, more critically, the last step in the process is using a blight laser light (I presume) to harden the new cement; this is so the cement will solidify and keep the implant in firmly. This guy skipped that process; he did not even clean out the excess cement too well. In about 5 days, the damned implant well off!

I did not want to deal with this outfit any more, so I went to a proper dentist who did the job as he should; the implant has stayed in for all this time! I will never, ever have anything to do with what seems like a very indifferent, assembly line operation that does the quickest, indifferent jobs as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No time to cure with the blue (not laser) light at a joint like Aspen. Front desk does not give the young dentists enough time.

Implants are not cemented in bone. I think you mean implant CROWN. Not only should it be cleaned out completely, the interior should be sandblasted to increase cement adhension. By the way, modern implant crowns are screwed in wherever possible.

We rarely cement them anymore. But the retards who work for Aspen wouldn't know this.

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