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Went to my first appt and waited 3 hours just to be seen. I seen the dentist for a total of 5 minutes.

Went back 2 days later begging them to pull my tooth because I was in so much pain. The dentist was rough and did not tell me what she was going to do. After I got home and my numbness went away I figured out that they pulled the WRONG tooth! They pulled a perfect tooth!

Went back the next day and told me it was the correct tooth that they pulled.

IT WAS NOT! They tried to tell me that my bad tooth was in good condition, to cover their self up!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have been a patient at Aspen Dental in Lexington, SC for almost a year and have had several appts with them due to a diagnosis of gum disease. They have been doing the deep under the gum cleanings about every 3 months.

I had originally gone to them as a new patient because I wanted to get started on some major dental work such as veneers and tooth implants but none of this has been done because they only want to follow their own agenda and are very resistant to what the patient wants. The female dentist told me at my first appt that veneers were it a good idea due to them coming off and she told me that I would not be a candidate for a tooth implant where I wanted it and would need a denture instead. Today, I was there to have the bonding on 2 of my canine teeth and told them that I wanted the bonding to be lighter than they thought that it should because I want a brighter smile and plan on having the permanent crowns beside the replaced in the near future. The male dentist pretty much refused my request and only did one of my canine.

The work looks poor and dark so I am no better off and will get it redone somewhere else. I feel like it is my money and insurance and I am the one enduring the painful novacaine injections and so it should be up to me how bright my newly bonded tooth is so I will be looking for a new, more flexible practice!

to Anonymous #1449401

For heaven's sake don't even THINK of letting this band of henchmen do an implant on you! Get an oral surgeon or a general dentist with surgical experience to do a CAT scan on your jaw to see if there is enough bone for an implant.With the cheap crummy labs A$pen uses, you would not want crowns or veneers from this outfit, anyway!When you go shopping for a new dentist PLEASE ignore all the fleabag corporate outfits, as well as any charlatans that advertise on TV.

Look for an independent guy or gal that is recommended by actual PEOPLE you meet. Ex-military dentists usually have lots of skills not generally taught in dental schools outside residencies.

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