I have been a patient of Aspen Dental in CT. I had a root canal and a crown placed .

The crown placement caused burns in my mouth, side of cheek and inside of tongue-when I contacted the office the Dentist didnt know what I was talking about and couldnt really offer any pain relief. I looked my symptoms up and found what was happening and it is a rare allergy to the self curing cement used to anchor crown. I explained that to the Dr. and told her there was a product to stop pain-she still didnt know about it.

After awhile I found that my bite was off and went in to show her, and she offered to take out crown and start all over, however they would be using the same product (cement) and I said that wasnt right. I got all my X-rays and notes on procedures I previously had a crown placed with no problems? I thought I had an atty. to handle my case but havent heard back from them ?

I also have a problem with the billing procedures. Please advise on class action suit

User's recommendation: Don’t use Aspen Dental.

Location: Norwich, Connecticut

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