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Fri 6/21/19 Aspen Dental called to cancel my oral surgery for the upcoming Mon because the surgeon is “sick”. He must be REALLY sick then to have to cancel an appointment 3 days away.

Like many I was very aggravated, I work full time and it’s very difficult to get two days off in a row. Well, Brittany and Crystal from my NH location seemed to have shared the same frustration as myself. If you are calling to cancel an appointment that had been made for almost TWO months you should be ready for some attitude and you should know how to handle it PROFESSIONALLY. Out of the two Crystal was by far the rudest, learn how to do your job professionally with out letting your emotions get involved.

Not only did she hang up on me without an apology for the inconvenience there was no GOODBYE, and I was put on hold multiple times the longest being 5 mins for her to come back with ONE option for me to reschedule. I would never recommend this location (Nashua NH) to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aspen Dental Pros: Dentist and assistents.

Aspen Dental Cons: Customer service, Whole aspen dental experience.

  • Rude Behavior
  • Poor Quality
  • Lack Of Customer Serivce
  • Nashua New Hampshire Office
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That surgeon should be disciplined by the dental board for daring to get sick and cancel patients. No health professional should allowed go get sick and cancel patients!


Wait let me get this straight. So the guy who is going to have both hands in your face is sick and you’re mad because instead of getting you sick along with the dental surgery they cancel?

Stop for a moment and think what you just posted ALL the way through pls. You are basically saying you would rather have a person who is sick and could infect you do the job then cancel and risk infecting you. Your whine fest that your time is oh so valuable becomes literally laughable at that point!! Instead of being down for a day or two you would rather risk being off work for even longer due to say the flu?

Poor poor princess snowflake really didn’t think her post through all the way!! Sorry lady but you should probably thank the dentist for not getting you sick! And for once in that miserable joke of a life take a little responsibility for YOUR mouth! You and I both know that you were far less then polite.

In fact I would dare say just from what you wrote that you made sure to tell THE MESSENGER all about how important you and your time are.

Let’s hope that they retain you as a patient after the way you treated the office staff. If I were the one making that choice then you and your messed up grill can go and find another dentist.


Again, it is not that location. It is the whole chain.

They are all operated the same way. Aspen offices are understaffed because of extremely low pay and horrible working conditions. Don't expecting courteous treatment. You don't realize it, but you dodged a bullet.

Can't imagine the harm that would have been inflicted on you. Better go to an ex-military GP dentist than an Aspen oral surgeon.

Kick the chain clinic habit and go to a REAL independent dentist in private practice. You are playing Russian roulette going somewhere like Aspen!