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Went to Aspen dental to have a tooth pulled and to get a estimate on what they would charge me to take care of all my dental work. I received a written estimate for $5,100 and I had no problem paying this price at all.

But when I went to try and pay I was told the estimate from the day before was no longer any good and I would have to get a new one. I felt like it was because I didn't use there suggestions for financing so they wanted to raise my bill higher. No financing then they get no interest or late fees so they screwed me over. I called and complained to corporate and all they did was switch me back to the same lady who gave me the first estimate ..She stated she was sorry but she had made a mistake in giving me the estimate she gave me..

What a scam!! Where is the Attorney general? This should be against the law or a violation from the American dental association? They luar you in with false numbers then stick it to you when you try to pay them cash or check.

This is wrong and inethicle in my opinion.

I believe Aspen Dental should have honored there esimate especially since it was there mistake in there favor Lol. BE CAREFUL CONSUMERS USING ASPEN DENTAL

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I can only hope you heeded the warning and did not sign that check over to them. If you paid them that large amount and have second thoughts, it will be difficult to impossible to ever get all that money back.The sad thing is that if you proceed with having your treatment (incompetently) done at A$pen, a good portion of it will have to be redone correctly by another dentist in short order.

A$pen offers third world dentistry at New York City prices.If enough patients like you complain to your state attorney general, he might be the FIFTH one to hammer A$pen Dental. Sadly enough, A$pen just pays the fines and keep up scamming patients. Nothing seems to stop them. Professional dental organizations have no enforcement powers.

State boards of dentistry can punish only licensed dentists and hygienists. The hustlers who own and run A$pen are neither.Hope you nix any idea to use another corporate chain dental clinic and patronize only independent dentists from her on in.


Worst dental experience I ever had and if you don't use Aspen dental financing your free dental treatment plan will cost you alot more ! I received a written estimate I still have and it was for $5,100 for the entire treatment plan. When I tried to pay ASPEN DENTAL SAID MY ONE DAY OLD ESTIMATE WAS NO LONGER ANY GOOD AND I I WOULD NEED TO GET ANOTHER ONE LOL CAN YOU SAY SCAM!!!!

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