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I am giving them until Monday and then I am calling the investigative channel and asking them to put it on tv...I cannot believe that it takes 4 weeks to receive the pieces they need to finish. I am having chest pains from all of this...don't know how much more I can handle!

Why do you need 100 words? I just want your business to do their job. From all of the complaints on her$e it looks like you would just do your job! I paid $7000 plus for my dental work and I haven't got $2000 worth of work.


Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also have a complaint on this site, I am sorry to see that your problem is worse than mine but I feel for your distress, and hope it works out ok. Unfortunately there are others who I would say "prowl" this database to literally beat up on the people with complaints and go so far as to harass them, adding insult to injury.

So if that happens just report them. Good Luck!


They chiseled $7000 from you wallet?!?! Good grief!

You are old news now, pal. Interest in finishing your treatment evaporate once they are paid completely. This gyp joint is about the only dental office that wants prepayment up front. None of my dentist friends do that.

Call that news media outlet now. Be sure to tell them that A$pen has been slammed by FOUR state attorneys general already.

Yet the scamming continues. PLEASE don't ever go to another corporate dental chain again.


Welcome to the Legions of Aspen ; that company receives hundreds of complaints on this website ; most of the authors of which have suffered significant physical damage as well. You could have easily used 100 words to describe the situation, the reason you chose Aspen, what happened, what you have done about it, how the contract reads, the consequences to date, pain/suffering/bleeding, poor installation, nonchalant response from the hired help, etc... as it reads, I have very little sympathy because you've done nothing except post on an open internet forum that you're going to call a TV station and filled my screen with gibberish.

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